Tuesday, December 30, 2014 :::

ahh christmas

so our rental truck got broken into on christmas morning.
we were leaving our hotel to go to the bf's sister's house at 7am and we open the door to the vehicle and the center console's open, the back seat lifted up, the glovebox opened...  found the owner's manual on the floor.
and the ignition system drilled out.

at first we didn't think we had lost anything but it turns out they took the slats to the bf's new bed (wooh upgrading to a king).
and we weren't the only vehicle to get hit.

enterprise took a couple of hours to get us a replacement truck since only one office in dallas was open christmas day and they didn't have any trucks, so enterprise had to get us one from ft worth.

mostly just an inconvenience for us, but the other car that got hit had christmas gifts in their backseat so I imagine they lost a few things.

people can be real shitheads.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014 :::

not quite the holiday break I had hoped for

so my job took me back for the winter break.
I could sure use the money but honestly I'd rather have 4 weeks with nothing to do.

in other news,
my 360 red-ringed.
sure put a damper on the plans for last night (to coop saints row 2), and now I need a new 360.

but hey, at least I can afford one once I get paid.

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