Sunday, January 04, 2015 :::

fun with shipping

so we ordered a mattress to go along with the new bed and it was supposed to be here this past wednesday.
but then we had some mildly bad weather and fedex held off (completely undeserved, it snowed a bit but didn't stick to the ground but I guess they were worried about ice or something?) and then, for whatever reason, they were supposed to deliver it on friday.

now I've ordered a few things from amazon after the bf ordered the mattress (completely unrelated -  well not entirely.  I did order a new mattress pad but mostly it was random things that I'd been holding off on since we were out of town so often for the holidays) and on friday both my hair conditioner and the mattress were in the lubbock fedex express office, slated for delivery that day.

well wouldn't you know, my hair conditioner shows up but no mattress.
and friday evening we got snowed in (seriously maybe 4"-6" of snow in a few hours?).

seems the cards are stacked against us when it comes to that bed lol

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