Friday, May 22, 2015 :::

in other news

we went and picked up my desktop last night, and let me tell you about how nice it is to have my imac back!  I'd been using my mbp in place of it and it sits in the center of my desk and has a much larger footprint than my imac does.  it's soooooo nice to have room on my desk again.
also, the kitties loved to nap on my laptop keyboard, so that was a pain (esp when trying to study for finals).

school went well for both me and the bf.  his sem went a bit better than mine (he kept a 4.0 this sem) but mine went OK too, only a B in cal2 and As in the rest.  my cumulative GPA is now officially a 2.5.  wahoo~

we took a trip to denver with the ol' riggsatoni and his chick to celebrate his 30th bday.
it was going great right up until I wound up with a pretty intense sinus infection (it actually began developing the day we got there) so I spent most of the trip napping and breathing out of my mouth.
I hate being a mouth breather =/

what else?
I'm still sick so I've been putting off working on my python book.  I'll have to start next week at the latest, but ugh I am still so drained.  hopefully I'll get to feeling better over the weekend.
we also started my puzzle (the blank one) but haven't gotten very far on it.
the bf really doesn't want to work on it so it'll likely be something I get to work on alone.
alone time can be pretty nice ^_^

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015 :::

holy shit guys

I just got back from visiting my math prof about that research thing this summer...
he graded our finals (took it yesterday) and holy shit I got a 94.8 on it.
guess all that extra work did the job.
the bf has a final today, I need to write another program, and we both have finals later this week... but I totally wanna celebrate since this was the big hurdle for me.

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