Tuesday, July 21, 2015 :::

only kinda gleefully unemployed

so after I finished up at the school my old job didn't take me back.
so I've been off since the end of june.

it's been pretty nice, but the extra money would have been nicer.
I've finally gotten around to playing skyrim (a controller is waaay better than mouse&keyboard imo) and that's been a nice time sink.

what else?
oh I colored my hair last week.
kind of.
I used henna with indigo for hopefully blue undertones but it didn't make any difference.
the directions indicate repeat treatments cause brighter colors, and I've got enough for 3 more treatments (I ordered 2 blocks).
the bf is going to denver for some music show (crystal method I believe?) at the end of the week so I'll probably give the henna another go then.
the bf helped me with this round of it so I'm not sure how well it'll go, but at least knowing that there won't be any drastic color changes makes me more comfortable with doing it myself with no one supervising (he was great at helping me get the roots of the hair on the back of my head).

oooh, I ordered soylent!
should be here tomorrow.
I'm super excited to give it a try, esp since the shelf life of the powder is 2 years.
the biggest problem of eating at home is that invariably half my mats go bad before I can finish eating them.
I also ordered a sample pack of meal squares but I haven't gotten a tracking number for them.

I really need to make more tweaks to my program (did I mention I have to present at the student research conference at the start of the semester?) but I think instead I'm gonna fuck off in skyrim for a bit.
the bf has been playing too and his toon is way more powerful than mine, even though mine is ~ 10 levels below his.  gg sneaky archer I guess (I went caster and my runes rock face! but his is more one-shot-one-kill while mine is lay-runes-and-run lol)

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