Sunday, October 18, 2015 :::

things I need to work on so I don't get stuck doing support again:

VMWare Certified Associate

it's gonna be a fun year trying to get that taken care of in addition to my current responsibilities.

I'm trying to get my math minor out of the way asap so I'll have another math heavy semester coming up, but then I'll be done with that!  well, aside from one more math class next fall that works with python.
and hopefully I'll get to do that research thing again next summer, so I'll be taking a proper python class next sem too, though a lowbie one not that high end math class.

all I know for sure is I don't want to be a lowbie support guy when the bf graduates and we move to wherever-he-gets-a-job-ville.  plus the CS prof here is a joke so I'd have to retake any CS classes I do take, assuming that whatever school I end up even teaches in java.

atm my plan is to finish up my math minor before we leave here, and then work on wrapping up the religion degree.  if I take less than 6 hrs a semester, no matter where I live, I'll keep in-state tuition.  so cool!
then to see where I can get another bs in cs and eventually go to grad school.

trying times coming up though...  and I'll definitely need to manage my time better.
and on that bombshell, I'd better get back to working on this paper.

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Monday, October 05, 2015 :::

I survived!

so I survived the research conference.
It was actually quite a let down.

I wrote a program in python that models time allocation in nesting animals.

while speaking with a couple of judges I had the following exchange (supplemented for easier reading):

judge (english is not his first language - he had a heavy accent): if this is about animals, why does it only mention snakes?
me: uh...
judge: why snake?
me: what are you referring to?
<< he points at the area of my poster that indicates I wrote the program in python>>
me: python is a programming language

he got real huffy after that too.

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