Saturday, February 27, 2016 :::

more like stats classes between friends

after reading the fine print, if I pick up a stats minor then none of the upper division stats classes will count towards my math major.
so oh noes!  I really will have to take history of mathematics!
/feigning horror

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Saturday, February 20, 2016 :::

< insert cute kitty motivational poster here >

man, we're only a few weeks into the semester and I am barely hanging on!
I'm taking three math classes, since I am accidentally getting a math degree.
I mentioned that, right?  and well, the three math classes this sem were to finish my math minor.  plus one more math class, numerical analysis, sounded fun.  I'm taking combinatorial analysis this sem since it sounded fun too.
one of the religion classes I had planned on taking next semester isn't being offered so I did a degree audit and, not counting the one math class I already planned on taking next semester, I'm 4 classes short of a math degree.  one more upper division elective (woohoo I will get to take history of mathematics!) and 3 required courses
I realized that a couple of weeks ago, so I submitted the form to change from CS with double minors in math & religion, to double majoring in CS and math with a religion minor.

I'm sure I've been vocal about how disappointed I've been with the CS dept here.
so I will likely drop my CS major and switch to double majoring in religion & math in the fall (since I'd like to be a URA again this coming summer and that does require a CS major, but if that falls through I will def switch sooner.  plus, then I could attend mcrough's wedding in vegas this summer!).
with one of the 400 level stats classes being taught by the new stats prof (this is his first sem here) and him having a heavy accent, I don't want that stats class to be my first exposure to him.
so I'm picking up statistical methods II.  and with that class, then I'll be one stats class short of a stats minor.  at that point I will have extra electives so I wouldn't technically need to take history of mathematics, but I really really want to.  so if I'm still here (physically) I am def taking it.  what's a few more math classes between friends?  at that point I'd be really close to this other degree here, industrial mathematics and statistics, but that one requires several CS classes so fuck that noise.
so in the fall I will likely change to double math/rel with a minor in stats.
3 more semesters (not counting this one) and I'm outta here!
assuming, of course, that I can make it through spring 2017 (2 math classes and 2 stats classes, and one religion class).  I'm taking 3 math classes this sem and it's going ok, so we'll see.
at worst I will drop one of the stats classes and leave off the stats minor, but here's hoping!

blue apron is amazing.
pricey, but so worth it.
at least for us, since we can't get any of those fancy mats here

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