Saturday, March 12, 2016 :::

sometimes my crazy food combinations work out!

so I've been on a bagel kick for the last few weeks, and I got some awesome cashew butter for christmas, so my latest bagel purchase was a package of plain bagels.
I've been having plain bagels with cashew butter for breakfast for the last few days.

I also love tuna.  I eat it straight out of the pouch.  sometimes I'll add some spice to it, but I do prefer it plain.
I've found I really enjoy canned fish/meat products?  canned chicken is also really good, and that spice is tasty on almost anything.  sardines, yum~  and of course the various tuna/salmon/etc as well.

so I'm laying in bed yesterday and I think,
man, that cashew butter on bagels is great!  I bet it would be even better with tuna on top!

and it was!
I had it again today!
and I'll probably have it again tomorrow!

obligatory ymmv.
milkdud thinks the idea is disgusting, but he won't even try just the cashew butter

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