Friday, May 13, 2016 :::

well that was an intense ride

the last few weeks have been a sleep deprived whirlwind.
we'll see if it was worth it once grades post.
if things went well, I may be getting myself an htc vive (jordan got a gear vr earlier this week and all I can say is "why oh why did that arrive during finals week?!"  seriously though, it's pretty cool!)

I got an ipad pro a few weeks (months?) ago, and it's been great.
I also got a pencil, and if you're on the fence all I can say is that I love the combo.
I am planning on, next semester, switching to using two ipads - one for textbooks and one for taking notes.
gonna do a practice run over the summer with some mediasite lectures of a stats class jordan took last sem (and that I'll be taking next year) and if it goes well then my backpack will be sooo light :)

I'm off to start on making falafels for the math potluck this evening.


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