Wednesday, September 28, 2016 :::

the o.g.

so I've gotta write a research paper for my philosophy of religion class.
topics opened up yesterday morning but I didn't get the chance to look at them until today.
several topics were already taken but, wahoo!, I got thomas aquinas.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016 :::

qq blue apron I miss you already

welp, milkdud decided blue apron is too much fuss.
I'm sad, but I do hafta agree with him.
it's a helluva time sink, and while not a big deal on the weekends if we get stuck having to prepare a meal during the week that really screws up our free time together.  and it happens a lot, if we go out for dinner on the weekend or if we go to lbk or whatevs.
I'm sure not willing to manage it myself, and we won't be living together in a few months anyway, but maybe once we're both graduated and with jobs/done with school we can pick it back up.
plus, maybe by then they'll let me choose ANY three meals from the six available (atm they do some sort of combo thing where if you choose these two meals then you can only choose one of two for your third meal... does that make sense? it's a giant pain since we often want a specific three meals but we can't get them due to them not being compatible or some shit)

chin up!  I've got 4 assignments worth of videos to watch for numerical analysis and pretty much no other plans for this evening.
math homework. I'm such an animal.

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