Sunday, October 02, 2016 :::

such crazy fun

title is sarcastic, btw.

the student research conference went both better and worse than last year.
better: the judges at least knew what python is
worse: two of them seriously rode my ass about my program not being "optimized" and were extremely antagonistical about why my program only works for the mathematical sciences department.

no surprise, I didn't place.
most of the entries were life sciences...  only two presenters (including me) were categorized as computer science.

I remembered being cold last year so I wore a long skirt and brought a sweater.  it rained quite heavily that morning and my skirt got pretty soaked from the knee down.
fml I was so cold all morning!
I did get to have some hot jasmine tea at the sushi joint at dinner, so that was especially nice.

friday evening milkdud & I went out to this sushi joint that was actually really good.
I had some kind of roll with mango and tempura shrimp and coconut flakes..  yum!
the bf had a sashimi bowl and let me tell you, aside from the big spears of green chile that we pulled out, it was easily the best we've had in aaaaaages.

in other news, every single class I'm taking this semester has a midterm.
I really miss my math classes at this point  >_<
what else?
oh I got an offer to work with one of the stats profs doing some research with him.  would get to work in R (the programming language) and it sounds so great.
my SI hours (I'm a math tutor again this semester) usually come in between 17-19 hours a week.  and I can only work 20 hours a week for the school.  and I just picked up another appointment request.
I still hope to get to work on it, even if it gets pushed back to next semester.
though next semester is gonna be as nightmare-y as it'll get for me.  2 math class, 2 stats classes, and 1 religion class.
gotta love course rotations, eh?
did I mention midterms start tomorrow?

and on that bombshell,
tinafish out!

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