Saturday, December 17, 2016 :::

living large in the lbk

with the semester being over I finally had time to get my nexplanon implant replaced, so we went to lubbock this past week to get that taken care of.
we turned it into a mini-vacation and stayed for 3 days.
it sure has grown so much, and especially compared to living in portales, it seemed big-city and almost exotic.
how weird, huh?

school went well.  I managed a B in numerical analysis thanks to my riveting final project on data from the new york city marathon.
it was fun.
I got A's in all my religion classes, even though in one of them I earned an 89.  he rounded up, and while I'm glad I got an A it feels so icky.
I dunno.  the bf says not to sweat it and that lots of profs round up.
still feels icky.  but my gpa could use all the help it can get.

I've started volunteering with project gutenburg over the break.
I'm still classified as a beginner but I'm glad to be helping out - I use project gutenburg books all the time.  well, not ~all~ the time, but you know.

I should work on packing up (I'm moving into on-campus housing for the next two sems) but my arm is still pretty gross looking.
I'll probably end up playing wow for the rest of the evening.  or at least until dinner.
hm...  or I could give gat out of hell another try.  or maybe head back into saints row iv since I never finished it.
whatevs, not having to write papers or programs is an extremely welcome change.

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Friday, December 02, 2016 :::

/sniff sniff

why body?!  hold out for one more week!

this is a terrible time for me to get sick =/

I am sooo looking forward to next semester, when I get to take some nice math classes.
if only I can make it through this coming week.

on the bright side, I just woke up from an ~amazing~ nap...  had my mattress pad on high and it was the first time today that I haven't been cold.
I miss it already.
maybe I'll go make some tea.
hot tea makes everything better.  plus, it's warm.

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