Monday, June 19, 2017 :::

forgot to mention

I forgot to mention I didn't fail any classes this past semester lol.
I just remembered the last time I talked about those stats classes I was fussing pretty hard.
I earned high B's in both of them and the prof curved enough that I got A's in both classes.
so that was kinda nice of him, except the part where I don't actually deserve those A's.
my other classes didn't curve, so B's there.
I'll take those for sure lol

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Monday, June 12, 2017 :::

looks like I skipped a month

well, the spring semester is over and the summer semester has started.

dunno if I mentioned this, but the religion courses here are being moved to rotations,
and a religion class I had slated to take this past spring is now on a two year rotation.
so, as a favor (yep, that happens here lol) the prof is offering it over the summer for me.
the readings have been great fun but ugh at the assignments...
I'm 8 pages in but at least I only have one question left.
two assignments a week though, since this is a full 16 week course (instead of the 8 weeks of a usual summer course).

I'm thinking about trying to get ahead in my assignments and move my desk to lbk.
that would really lower the distractions left here since...  really the only one left is my computer.
earlier today the bf moved the projector and his couch...  there are two chairs (one being my desk chair), two stools, and a loveseat left to sit on in this house.
it's dreadful!

the place we're moving into is a lot smaller than what we have now, so we've rented a storage unit.
the storage unit is pretty much gonna be filled with my stuff - my couch, my loveseat, my entertainment center, my coffee table, etc.  it's shit, but since I'm currently a net loss on the household I really shouldn't complain.  in fact, I really need to worry about getting a job ASAP once I graduate.  not just for loans, but to live.
fml I haven't been able to upgrade any of my technology in ages.
and tekken 7 was released and I don't even own a console to play it on.
first world problems, I know.  but still, they're mine.

to be fair, I do have a proper problem right now.
I think I got food poisoning.  or something that's made the last few hours pretty terrible.
and now that I've shared way too much information, I'm gonna try finishing this assignment.
/gurgle gurgle

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