Friday, August 18, 2017 :::

but I swear it'd be a great anniversary gift!

I just spent a while arguing with the bf that it'd be a great 7 year anniversary gift to take differential equations together.
He staunchly disagreed.
I still think that it'd be a great bonding experience, honestly.

In other news,
I couldn't get a loan for the amount I usually get (without a cosigner, but I am def not willing to drag someone else into this mess), so the loan would cover only rent and tuition.
Instead, since the math program at school is being moved to available online, I'm able to take the last couple of classes I need online.
I'm super excited!
I love the math professors so I'm hopeful that this move allows more people to enjoy the company as I have, even if it is only through video.
I genuinely love these professors and am so glad I've been given the opportunity to pursue this degree especially under my circumstances.  AND I was able to keep my scholarships, wahoo!!

The religion capstone is giving me pause, though.
I dunno how it's gonna go.
Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to do the research (as always) but I dunno about the...  "exegetical research project" since it's being offered by a professor I've never had before.
And I also dunno what verses I need to cover.  Honestly I'm kinda hoping for interpretations of Genesis 1 & 2, but who knows.
Prof explicitly states on his syllabus, "Be prepared to revise your topic after I consider your topic/passage."
So fun!
Did I mention that I'm nervous?

I'm also trying to get an MCSA by the time I graduate.
I'm gonna be pressed for time.
Also, we still haven't finished moving out of the house in Portales.
I pretty much need a job as soon as I graduate, and I hope that an MCSA will make me more marketable.
Here's hoping that I don't end up graduating and going straight back to the job I left.  =/

And on that bombshell, I'm gonna watch Police Academy on Netflix.
Squee! lol

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Friday, August 11, 2017 :::

qq teavana

I just ordered a few pounds of our favorite teas...
I'm gonna miss it!
I know tea snobs call it potpourri but it's still tasty imo.
dunno what I'll be drinking anymore :(

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