Wednesday, December 13, 2017 :::

cautiously optimistic

so, I needed to make a 27% on my stats final to pass the class.
I fucking bombed the exam, though.
for real, I am worried.

that stats class is required for both my major and my minor.
and my second major requires either a minor or double major.
so that stats class could really fuck me.

I took it on monday and it was so fucking intense.
8 questions that seemed to draw from every single aspect of the course that I consider my weak points, and then 1 question I fucking choked on.
9 questions total.
so yeah.

I have another final tomorrow, and while I hope it goes better it is not helping that I am blogging instead of studying.
I need 6% on this final to pass.

it's kinda bullshit to work all semester to do well and then it always comes down to me figuring out what I need to make on the final to pass.
maybe next semester, if I do get to take decision theory, I'll stay strong all semester.
tbf, I wanna make excuses about the move, the job, the family emergency...
but mostly it was me making bad decisions.

also, the chair of the math dept is throwing a pizza party for me & this buddy of mine since we've both been math tutors forever and we're both (hopefully!) graduating.

so yeah.
back to discussing the various tallying methods used before numbers existed.

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