Thursday, October 11, 2018 :::

cookies, tea, and fleece

I have the best bf in the world y'all.
brought me home a ton of pumpkin white chocolate cookies and then topped himself when he pulled out pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies.

in other news, it is officially cold out and as such I dug out my fleece lounge wear.
and I've been drinking hot tea all day.
and I'm in my electric blanket now.
so content ^_^

and in other OTHER news,
I am working on resubmitting my final paper in my first class, C740.
I've also begun work on the next class, C741.
flash cards aplenty for this one. luckily I purchased studies (back when it was mental case, initially) and so I've been making flash cards and studying flashcards but tbh I've only just started chapter 3 =/

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