Wednesday, August 28, 2019 :::

happy birthday to me and other news

- aug 3
  met a tortie
- aug 7
  the bf got offered and accepted a new job
- aug 11
  spent our first night in the new house with lucy&fisk in tow
- aug 12
  the bf gave 2 weeks at his job
- aug 24
  moved the main fridge to the new house
- aug 26
  the bf started a new job


we still don't know if we're keeping her as lucy is indifferent to her but fisk has an active dislike of her
some backstory: the bf heard her crying for help while he was working on the back door. found two dead cats in the backyard of the new house. brought her inside and for the moment we're stuck with her. ~ 5 weeks old when we found her.

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