Sunday, November 22, 2020 :::


I haven't been to a dentist since I left the valley. 
over the years I've considered going but have essentially been paralyzed by the amount of choices here.
on thurs I woke up with pretty extreme pain so I broke down and went to a dentist suggested by a coworker. 

I got put on antibiotics due to an infection, got lectured about needing to get my teeth cleaned, and got my teeth cleaned. they did say my teeth looked good for someone who hasn't seen a dentist in 15 years (and I also have long roots!), but they did not look good otherwise (5 cavities, yikes).

on monday my wisdom teeth are getting removed.
I'm pretty nervous. it'll only be my left side for now; will do my right side once my ins resets with the new year.

I also developed a stye yesterday.

super SUPER fun.

and just in time for the holiday, too. hah!

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