Monday, December 21, 2020 :::

“hand me the bone file”

welp, it wasn’t a bit of tooth.... apparently it was bone =/

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Saturday, December 19, 2020 :::

jfc @ the last couple of weeks

 last week the bf's car essentially died so we made an impromptu day trip to DFW to get him a new car.
(couldn't make it more than a day since we had already RSVPed to the company christmas party on saturday so we left friday morning and returned friday night - he got a pretty great deal and the new car is really nice!)

on thursday I missed a call from the dentist's office
I got an email about the insurance claim from the ins provider and it showed that they only covered less than half of the total cost (both visits) and that I'd owe the dentist ~ $700 (I already paid ~ $850 up front for both visits).
so I wasn't entirely blindsided but tbh I was shocked at what the ins co covered and what I'm left responsible for.

PLUS the entire ordeal was so physically painful!
I didn't eat anything solid from nov 19 (due to the infection) through dec 4 (had some soft noodles the bf made). counting it out that's only 16 days but I lost about 10 pounds in that time (even drinking fluids was difficult so it was near impossible for any real kind of calorie intake).
in fact, I've still been struggling with what I thought was some weird scar tissue (it was raised) that was still tender.

it was not actually scar tissue.

when I woke up friday morning the back left side of my tongue was sore and achy.
turns out what I thought was scar tissue was actually a portion of tooth that was not removed.
it busted through my gums overnight and has been a pain in my [tongue's] side since then.

I called the dentist on my lunch break on friday.
they close at noon on fridays.
I left a really awkward voicemail about returning their call and also could I get back on the schedule as there's a portion of tooth sticking out and causing some pain.

it's funny in that I had just talked to my advisor on wednesday about the car and the water heater and he said something like, "well hopefully you can make it through the rest of 2020 yada yada," and I sure the fuck could not.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020 :::


my shower this morning was dreadful... tepid water even with the heat turned all the way up.
turns out our water heater was fucked up.

since I struggled through the shower you're god damned right I was going to work!
my truck doesn't have heat.

real...  fun morning today.

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Friday, December 04, 2020 :::

so hungry

I can eat popeyes mashed potatoes (though their gravy is fucking spicy) but I cannot eat the cheesecake factory's mashed potatoes without mashing them further (too chunky)
had popeyes on tues and cheesecake factory's last night.

smoothies, yogurt, and soylent for 2+ weeks straight

so fun.

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