Saturday, July 31, 2021 :::

get paid, son!

 I got a raise ^_^

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Wednesday, July 07, 2021 :::

“I panicked”


so we had donuts at the office yesterday morning and then one of my coworkers had to answer the front door.

he was standing in the doorway of my office talking to me and another coworker while eating a donut. he abruptly leaned forward and then said something like, “oh no, he saw me...” and he then walked toward the foyer to answer the front door (we hafta buzz you in - we have a glass entryway and while we have a sign that says “ring the doorbell” with an arrow pointing to the doorbell often people just stand there and press their faces up on the glass). 

a few minutes later he came back into my office and said "man now I got crumbs in my pocket" and pulled the fucking donut out of his pocket!

he said he'd expected someone else to come up and get the door so he could walk away, but when no one did he panicked and shoved the donut into his pocket while pushing the door open so that he wouldn’t seem unprofessional.

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