Tuesday, January 24, 2023 :::

b'ellana of house murder mittens

so the bf and I go out for dinner a couple of tuesdays ago and as we leave the restaurant this little black kitten comes up to us.
very friendly, just rubbing on us and follows us to the car and even jumps into the car with us.

after some back and forth we decide to bring the kitten home and make some posts on nextdoor and facebook.

one of the guys at the office says one of the girls is looking for a kitten so I send her a pic and she shows her husband and they are good to take the kitten.

of course I'm sad to see the kitten go - she's my dream kitten.
super affectionate and a total purr bot.

the monday we were handing the cat of the bf was off for the holiday..
brings kitten up to the office..
find out she has worms (couple of folks have a veterinary background)..
and that chick wants to make kitten an indoor/outdoor cat.

stomp the brakes there, she's the sweetest thing and def not an outside cat.

talk things over with the bf.
he says we can keep her if she's ~my~ cat.

so now I have a cat.
and have spent a fuckton of money this month buying an automatic litter box, automatic feeder, cat fountain, and another kitty heating pad.

she's an older kitten - 5 months according to the vet.
her feeder and water fountain arrived today, litter box should be here on thurs, heating pad on fri...

we're keeping segregated for now until she gets fixed and declawed.
feel bad leaving her by herself for such long portions of the day but she'd fuck up the other cats.
and torts hates her.

but she's my dream cat.
would've waited 10 years before another cat but I couldn't let this little kitty be outside and get run over or something.
it's gonna be a big adjustment for all of us.

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