Thursday, January 05, 2023 :::

updates, lotsa updates

I bought an elliptical! the bf has got it mostly set up so will prolly give it a whirl tomorrow or over the weekend.

not just because we're gluttons, but because I wanna be more active as I get older.
trying to walk 3 miles a day so I usually spend just over an hour on the treadmill each morning.
plus, it helps with the anxiety.

but, we are gluttons.
for new year's the bf ordered 7 (SEVEN!) party trays for just the two of us to graze all weekend.
luckily they didn't have one of them, so we ~only~ wound up with six.
a finger sandwich tray, a croissant sandwich tray, and pinwheel wrap tray, a fruit tray, a vegetable tray, and a cheese tray (they didn't have the meat tray to go with it).
we watched the star trek movies and ate the shit outta those party trays.

I got super trashed up at the office on friday.
black out drunk tbh.
last thing I recall was chatting with a couple of the girls and then I woke up in bed.
need to find out if I was being obnoxious but the bf was trashed too (though no quite as bad as me) and the other folks that were there have been out on vacation or sick.
fun fun.

don't think I mentioned this. the bf made the feast of seven fishes for christmas.
not all at once, thank goodness, but spread out over christmas weekend.
it was all super delicious and after such an extravagant effort I don't fault him one bit for choosing party trays for new year's, lol!

the office christmas parties went well. didn't get super drunk or anything though I did get home from the gift exchange party much later than the bf anticipated.
lots of fun, though. and as I mentioned, I won the ugly christmas sweater contest.
also got an achievement award from the bosses. it's nice to feel appreciated.

and on that bombshell, I better start my workday already.

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