Tuesday, June 02, 2015 :::

puzzles, python, and heat

so I'm taking a break from python on codecademy.
I have done some of learn python the hard way but I have not been very disciplined when it comes to working on it.

I put together a puzzle.
check it out!
I just need a frame now because I am def keeping that bad boy together lol

oh man, there was a pretty bad hail storm a few days ago too..
went from marble-size to close to golfball-size.
my hood's all dented now =/

what else?
oh yeah, our central air is fucked.
we have been meaning to buy a portable air conditioner since the hvac unit in this house isn't beefy enough...  so we finally did.
great news so far.
we still need to put a work order in to maintenance but I'll let the bf handle that.

I'm finally getting over this illness I picked up during out trip to CO.
it's sooooo nice to have use of both nostrils ^_^

oh one more thing,
I started reading the wizard of oz...  whatevs, you know...
here's hoping it's not as creepy as the movie.
esp since there are 14 books.
I'll let you know :P

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