Saturday, January 04, 2020 :::

new year new me

not really, just the same ol' me as always.

the bf & I both took a couple of weeks off, taking advantage of the christmas & new year holidays to get a full two weeks off for only 6 days of vacation time.
we've mostly lounged about and it's been glorious!

we did have one thing scheduled though: the winter classic
it was intense and a helluva experience.
plus the stars won.
plus corey perry got a game misconduct about 3 mins into the game [imo it was an iffy call though] so I wasn't forced to watch that shitbag play live (boooh corey perry)
tons of people there but my experience was mostly colored by the 10 jackasses sitting in the immediate vicinity of us. it got better as the game went on but they, along with the biting wind gusts, were the worst part of the game.

aaaaaand we got to visit a conveyor belt sushi joint for lunch before we left dallas.
super fun and I hope to get my buddy lus to go with us at some point
sadly, we also hit up bistro b (dinner after the game) and though those shrimp patty spring rolls were still amazing everything else was much spicier than usual.

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