Wednesday, January 31, 2007 :::

the glory of solitaire

you know, seriously... solitaire & spider solitaire are awesome.
and minesweeper.
I'm so easily amused.

work is kinda full of drama right now.
makes for fun times.
and by fun I mean awkward.
they moved us, though, finally. into a bigger room with heat (woooooooh~). I'm pretty stoked about that.
vista's out - supposedly we're gonna get a copy on one of the comps here. the guys don't seem particularly impressed with it, but before long I'm sure someone'll call in using it.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 :::

out of mana

so wooooh for paying rent... and wooooooooh for not moving.

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Monday, January 29, 2007 :::

where I learned to play guitar

this weekend went well, I think.
friday budd & I went out with irby - just for dinner and a few drinks at the pour house. budd & irbyface nerded out for a while (think contra and metal slug), so we stayed later than I'd intended. good times, though.

saturday we play WoW. did I mention I resubscribed? milkdud's enthusiasm is contagious, and next thing I new I was entering my credit card info. I had fun, though... the expansion is kinda nice. 5 man dungeons again, instead of the horrible 20 or 40 man dungeons. and budd's been playing with me, kinda. I don't really know the other people in our guild, but I guess that'll change before too long. ~and~ milkdud set vent up so us mac users can talk and listen. that's always a plus. well, the listening part. not really the talking part.
so saturday evening we played wow for about 6 hours (it totally didn't seem that long) and on sunday we played for a while too.
we didn't move anything, mostly due to the scheduled playing WoW. and partly 'cause I'm lazy and didn't wanna get out of bed any earlier than I had to.

I also talked to doke for about half a second.
I was not well received (seems to be a trend for me, lately) and I can't blame him a bit. doesn't make it any easier, though it's probably for the best.

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Friday, January 26, 2007 :::

hukkah hukkah hukkah - lobster

so my week has been... hrm.
well, monday... I dunno what I did.
tuesday... still dunno what I did.
wednesday I threw a big fit and picked a fight with budd.
and... last night we went to ihop.

tooter's leaving, and I'm sad.
aj's bday was yesterday. irbyface's is today. timmah's bday is saturday. forsaken's on monday and jackson's on tuesday.
yikes, eh?
here's a collective happy birthday wish~

tonight we're going out with irby for a little bit, then probably move some boxes of dishes over to budd's.
and a couple of chairs, and maybe some stuffed animals. I'm also hoping to get some of my books onto library thing.
I think... I guess I don't really know where budd stands with his "current" roommate.
I'm excited, but I guess really... apprehensive? and I know fussing about it isn't going to change anything, so mostly I just push it out of my mind, but really it is a legitimate fear.
as I've said before, we'll see what happens.

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Monday, January 22, 2007 :::

what if it really is a cry for help?

I've said this a zillion times before - the only time you really hafta worry about me is on my birthday or when my room is clean.
if my room is clean ~and~ it's my birthday, well... say goodbye while you can.

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it's not just me, right?


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so I'd gotten really disenchanted with end-game content in WoW these last few weeks.
I switched characters, and even switched sides, and I cancelled my subscription.
I've spent the last few hours pvp'ing (yes, I know, I'm still a pvp whore no matter how much I try not to be) and saw some old friends from the 50-59 bracket.
I've had a really good time tonight, honestly. for the first time in aaages when playing my priest.
and all because some kid on a different server is named after a star trek character and didn't know it. well, maybe he's not. oh and by "he" I mean his character. when I comes down to it this person may be another chick. and maybe 40 years old. who knows. he's sweet, though. always gives me conjured water. lol
I'm not saying I'm gonna renew (though budd, the bastard, is really pushing for it), all I'm saying is that I've had more fun tonight than I had in the last 2 months.

speaking of budd...
I had a wonderful weekend.
the super bad weather? totally didn't happen.
I'm write more about that later; for now I'm gonna go back to dicking around wsg with rom.

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Friday, January 19, 2007 :::

load of baggage

I talked to BoB earlier... I'm so psycho sometimes.
if we were talking on the phone, and if he had the television or radio or anything like that on, I'd totally make him turn it off.
I was super bossy.
he must've really loved me to put up with so much crap from me.
I really should've been nicer.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007 :::

shacking it up

so big news, big news. and I totally haven't really decided how I feel about this whole thing (my experiences with both dirty dan and doke come to mind), but at least I won't be able to say I didn't try.
budd & I are gonna live together.
and by 'live together' I mean I'm gonna sign his lease, and move that load of star trek shit (the stuff I was thinking about putting into storage) into the extra bedroom.
and that's all it is. for now, I suppose.
I guess we'll see what happens, but he needed a roommate and I've been a bit unhappy living with my sis.
I'm hoping we'll get a dog. or a cat. a pet of some sort. any sort, really. or maybe another shrub.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007 :::

I've never been a unicorn

since I've not quit yet, here's a bit of a WoW update.

I really like playing a hunter... I'm not sure exactly why, though.
I mean, I say it's 'cause it's never boring, 'cause I've got a pet around to do stuff with.
and that's true, ya know?
plus nicc was always fond of ranged characters, and mcrough has a hunter he always raves about.
but also... I remember vividly adrian telling stories of how he was hunted down in battlegrounds, because he knew how to play a hunter.
and this was all back before I ever even considered playing WoW - back around the time we were dating, and right around the time milkdud got into WoW.
I'm not gonna lie; I was sitting there sending frederick (did I mention budd & I rolled horde [the opposing faction] on dunemaul [can't get away from a pvp server, though] over the weekend? we're both trolls - he's a shaman & I'm a hunter, but I couldn't just replace fred, so I named this fella frederick - I've also got a boar named bore, and yes, I do think that's quite clever) to attack some twinked out lvl 19 rogue, wondering if that's what adrian would have done. or what he'd recommend.
I came out 2nd in both killing blows and damage done, which is really good seeing as how I'm smack in the middle of the bracket (pvp battlegrounds are 10-19, 20-29, and so on) and 10-19 is infamous for twinks.
ugh - they are a thorn in my un-twinked side.
though I didn't have any flag returns (I was playing a capture-the-flag game), I was directly responsible for the deaths of enemy flag carriers a few times.
and bg stats boards be damned. I wish I could play with adrian and see what he says.

the expansion is out today, and I'm seriously wanting to get it - not necessarily renew my subscription, but at least just play around with it for a while.
budd, however, has already renewed his subscription. :(

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Friday, January 12, 2007 :::

simple math, gentle reader

it's delightfully crooked~

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Thursday, January 11, 2007 :::

ambiguous puns

I had this big long blog post all typed up... about racism, how I've always considered myself more american than hispanic... how people still hate each other just it's hidden now...
and I deleted it.
it's been on my mind a lot lately, and I've been putting myself in uncomfortable situations in an effort to deal with it... it hasn't really worked, and I'm hoping if I just leave it be for a couple of days I can try to hack at it again.

so instead I'm gonna bitch about living with my sister.
my dad & his chick broke up, did I mention that? so now he spends all his time at the house... and I know I've said before that I miss living alone, but omg ya'll I ~miss~ living alone.
he said something sometime last week about my mother.. it was weird - I mean, they're divorced, and have been for about 20 years, but I don't think I'd ever actually heard him say anything bad about her.
I dunno. I guess I just feel like... like she at least had the decency to not try to turn me against him. or maybe she did try, and I just didn't listen. or maybe I was just too dense to notice.

I think what I'm getting out of my posts today is that I'm in a very self-destructive mood right now.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 :::

maybe your mom could teach me

I don't recall why, but I spent a good portion of this evening fretting over trent reznor.
gawd he's gorgeous.
I just put the hand that feeds vid on loop... sat back... and oooh the things I wanna do to him.
he, along with wil wheaton (it's not just wesley crusher I've got [or had?] a crush on), are the only two real live celebrities I swoon over.

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but your mom does that thing with her tongue

budd & I went out for dinner at a restaurant last night... a sit-down, free-bread, cloth-napkin restaurant.
it was a nice gesture, and I'm glad he enjoyed himself.
after dinner we roamed about hastings for a while.

we've got an hr meeting tomorrow morning, at 08.
I'd be hilarious, imo, if they were like, "you're all fired," since the announcement that we were being closed came during an 'hr meeting' as well.

I've been sleeping a lot lately. more than usual, even.
I got up early this morning, with the intention of mailing rob's zelda... but I'd forgotten the battery in my alarm box was dead, so I couldn't turn off my truck's alarm. I left a note for my dad to leave my spare keys for me, and I went back to bed.
which seems to be working out well, since tomorrow I've gotta be up at ass o'clock for that meeting.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about quitting WoW.
since I won't be able to play at work, it still seems like the right choice.
and I changed netflix plans - back to 8-at-a-time, and also joined gamefly, in preparation for having loads more free time to deal with.
I've also been buying more books - picked up the god delusion and running with scissors on monday.
I'd kinda like to try the expansion... though I doubt anything too great would come of it.

speaking of books...
I've also got this plan to catalogue all the books I own... using something emma mentioned a few days ago. I'm also planning on getting a storage facility (seriously, this time) and putting most, if not all, of my star trek crap (I still can't believe I wanna do this) in there. I much prefer to have my stuff out and about, where I can talk about it with people who stop by... but while I had the room to do this when I was living alone, I simply have too much star trek crap and not enough space for it all.
plus, I won't look like a psycho-trekky to people who don't know me very well.
that's always a good thing.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 :::

sneaking around with you

..friendship that don't ever change...

...and laughter from the joy of things...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007 :::

yes, I do know the expansion is released soon

I do like the company that bought us - think they may turn us into a real work environment. just they've put in stuff to monitor where we go on the internet, so while that means no more having to sit through porn, it also means I won't get to play WoW at the office much longer.
I feel bad, because I know budd enjoyed it... and he's cancelled too, so I feel even worse. I'm not sure what we'll do now, but I'm hoping we can manage.

friday beanakin and I got together for some drunken wii, and last night sarah & I went out for drinks. by the hour of this post I'm sure you can imagine how much I must've had to drink for me to be up so early.
I'm thinking I'm gonna pass on drinking again for another while.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007 :::

fuuuuuck this fooog

so night before last nazifab and his friend stopped by my home, completely unexpected but always welcome.
we played wii sports, along with various training excersizes. we had a great time, particularly with the boxing training.
I'd planned on going to bed early that night, but since they left fairly late I logged into WoW. ended up playing that 'till sunrise.

last night we went out to dinner with my sis, like we usually do. only my dad came along too (did I mention I made him a mii - looks just like him, too) and the whole thing took ~so~ long.
and now I'm more than mildly annoyed with budd. and he doesn't even know why.
I believe I'll be spending this weekend with friends.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 :::

like I'm prone to

I trust you had a safe & happy new year's. as budd & I did.
a couple of his friends, haley & erin, came over and played wii sports with us. I had a really good time, though my bowling game has gotten dramatically worse.
we also watched most of circle, and then browsed youtube for a clip of his star trek phaser bit. no luck, though we did watch charlie the unicorn.
that's pretty much all we did this weekend. watched movies and played video games. that's all we ever do, huh. beanakin invited us over this weekend for drinkage and to play video games, and he's got a projector (projector > 55 inch television), so we'll see what happens. all I got budd to commit to was, "we'll see," which usually means 'no' but maybe I can coax him into having a bit of fun.

oh! and the whole reason for this post!
fred (my awesome and wonderful WoW pet owl) learned new abilities last night. mostly I had to run around taming other animals so I could learn them to teach him, because I'm a horrible hunter and didn't know that's how it worked 'till last night.
anyhow... here's fred in all his glory:

so now he's got growl, claw, and screech. I'm saving his last slot for dive, since I believe that'd be helpful in pvp. I'm also thinking about leaving the 10-19 bracket... 'cause playing a hunter is so much fun.

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