Monday, October 29, 2007 :::

I do love him

so I've got a[nother] stye... seems I get one every other month.
anyhow... I couldn't just keep this gem to myself.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007 :::

I'm addicted :(

so even though my wow account is expired, I've been visiting the forums religiously.
with all the news about the next patch and since I play both a priest and a hunter (major changes for both classes) I've been hanging out on the priest, hunter, rogue, and realm forums. even a bit on the suggestions & wotlk (the next expansion) forums.
there was this thread on the aegwynn forums about posting pics of yourself... I totally wanted to but 1) my account is expired and 2) then everyone would know I'm a chick irl.
anyhow... I took this pic that afternoon with the intention of posting it, but for the above reasons I didn't.

here's a link, because it's kinda creepy to see a huge pic of myself regularly.
(edit: the blinds on my window make for weird hairdos...)

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well fuck

rip kratos :(
for all the I-hope-he-dies talking I did, I didn't really mean it.
I blame budd.

not that budd took a hammer to the hamster's little head, but we've been... lax when it comes to cleaning their cages.
and yes, I could have cleaned the cages alone, but I am unable to set their little water bottles up properly.
so I guess it is both our faults.
but in our defense, this breed of hamster is only supposed to live a year and a half... so for all we know he could have died of natural causes.

crown still lives.
we'll see for how much longer.

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Friday, October 26, 2007 :::

I hate wearing panty hose :(

I have an interview with wells fargo this afternoon, for a part time position with not-so-great pay.
but it's better than nothing, ya know?
it'll be enough to cover rent, but not much more :(
and leopard is out tomorrow :'(
I can't afford a new laptop...

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Thursday, October 25, 2007 :::


I just applied for a groundskeeper position at tech.
that'd be like having the best of both worlds, imo.
... though I'm not entirely sure I can lift 50 pounds comfortably...

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007 :::

I should have said "competant"

so the interview went alright... but apparently I'm 1 of 23 applicants.
guess I'll keep looking. :(

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007 :::

a wish your heart makes

so I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. for a desk job at tech.
it'd be nice to work there, for the tuition perk.
I haven't heard anything from the nursery... think if I haven't heard from them by tomorrow morning I'll call them.
the responsible part of me knows I should take the job at tech if I can get it... but the rest of me would really like to work in a nursery.
I'm gonna go over to my sis's here in a few to see if I can find some shoes and a blouse that match my black skirt. if not, then I'll hafta go shopping... and that's not something I even like doing when I've got money to spare.
I'm hopeful, though. I applied for the desk job yesterday around noon, and they'd replied by that afternoon. maybe something'll come of it.

and my wow account is up.
it's so weird.
I totally wanna renew, and I'm having to fight it.
not only am I bored, but I also got some nice legs last night.
on the one hand, I felt bad for taking them, since I knew my account was up in a couple of hours.
on the other hand, I mostly hate everyone in my guild, so fuck them.
plus budd is wanting to level a shaman by himself, so now'd be a good time for him to.
I am sad that I didn't get my hunter to 70. she's 68 and grinding insignias for consortium rep.

we bought this seasonal febreeze plug in thing... it's all pumpkin-y and I love it, only it's a bit strong. it's on the low setting plugged in downstairs in the kitchen, and I can smell it pretty strongly up here in my bedroom.
I'm also drinking orange spice tea... smells wonderful too.
if only I could get budd to take me for a pumpkin spice latte or a pumpkin pie concrete - yum!

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Monday, October 22, 2007 :::


so there was a job listing from about a month ago for an "outside nursery help" position... I called the place, since I doubted that position was still open. looks like they're now looking for help in their greenhouse.
I'm so excited.
only it's absurdly cold out, and the last time I owned dress pants I was about 7 sizes smaller than I am now =/
but still, it's at a nursery, and hopefully they'll understand if I show up in jeans and a sweater.

wednesday lus and I went to post for lunch...
we had a great time, and then even my sis showed up for a few when we got back into town.
the four of us played some pgr4 for a while before everyone went home.
I had a really good time, though.
I love budd, but he's the only person I have any contact with anymore. so it was really nice to see fresh faces, even if only for a few hours.

my WoW account expires today, and I'm trying to decide if I should renew or not.
I only have enough for 1 more month's rent, and $15 isn't gonna make or break anything.
I guess we'll see what happens.
for now, I'm gonna go rummage around for something to wear to go apply at that nursery ^_^

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007 :::

it was a horrible gift anyway

budd opened our "pantry" and a box of cereal fell out onto the counter.
right onto the pirate bowl I gave him for his birthday.
it shattered.

I dunno why, but I cried. like, I don't think he even had really liked it, and had just played along for my benefit.
I've really gotta get him something good for christmas.
I need a job.

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Monday, October 15, 2007 :::

force feeding me kara loot

so it's been a good week... budd's finally feeling better, which is so awesome you don't even know.
he'll go hours without skipping a beat then suddenly he'll have a coughing fit that lasts 10 mins.
hopefully that'll pass soon too, and he'll be back to normal.
and as soon as I say that I hear him coughing in the other room.

aside from that things haven't changed much.
still no job, still playing a load of WoW... my rogue is kara attuned as of this afternoon, and my hunter hit 65 a few days ago. my mage hit 44 the same day my hunter dinged... and I must say I hate jewelcrafting. I need to get my mage to at least 50 so she can train up tailoring and enchanting, and then I can make my own mana oils instead of budd making them for me.
we did another saturday kara run, only this time we wiped a zillion times on the last two guys. and it also took loads longer than last time. budd says it's 'cause we had to keep switching people because a healer who signed up for that run ended up getting saved to another group. so everyone was kinda pissed going in, and also I'm not exactly the greatest/most reliable/most responsive healer.
we did gruul's earlier this evening, which was surprisingly easy considering that the first time I went we wiped. this time we killed everything really quickly and I just kinda stood there occasionally mashing flash heal.
then we tried doomwalker, and I'm convinced the reason we didn't do him properly was because of me being there taking up a proper healer's spot. and also because a horde guild wiped us our first try when everyone was still online.
wow I just rambled on forever. in my defense, since I'm unemployed and all I do is play WoW... I really have nothing else to talk about.
geez that's depressing.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007 :::

poor thing

so budd has been sick since thursday night...
really sick for most of the weekend
and I'm fine. I've spent the last few days making him soup and trying to get him to see a doctor.
I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007 :::

safe and sound

so I'm all flustered because budd was in an elevator that dropped from the first floor to the basement.
sure it's a small fall, but it could have been from the 5th floor... and I don't think he'd have walked away safely from that.
I'm so concerned, now, that if something did happen to him that I'd be the last person to find out.
I just thank God he's alright.

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Monday, October 01, 2007 :::

rate your internet service provider

our connection has been all over the place... we'll be chugging along fine then it'll drop down to 1meg... then we'll be up around 4 or 5 megs and it'll drop completely.
a simple reset of the modem brings us into suddenlink's "walled garden" where you can't browse, but pinging and phone calls are fine. apparently they incorrectly turned off people at some point... tech came out and replaced budd's modem but that didn't help at all.... and budd about yelled at some girl this evening because she asked him to restart his computer. I felt bad for her, and for him.... interesting being on the other end of the phone line, I guess.

budd had a couple of job interviews today, which sound like they went well.
I'm so envious of him, but I dunno what else to do. I've applied at every place I can think of, and some random ones too.
ugh I have a headache.
budd got sick friday evening, after I bought him chickfila. saturday we went to the ph for dinner with one of his friends, and last night we finished halo 3.
and sarah started playing wow! just a trial version so far, but she seems like she's enjoying it. I so clearly remember how lost I was when I first started wow, and she's doing soooo much better than I was, lol.
and now I should go, since we haven't done many arenas this week and one just popped =/

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