Tuesday, December 25, 2007 :::

merry christmas ya'll

we're fixing to head over to budd's parents before too long...
hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

and while I found my camera cable, my camera's downstairs... I promise I'll get pics of her up soon ^_^

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Saturday, December 22, 2007 :::

welcome home

we had dinner with lus last night. went to ihop and spent a lot of time just talking.
I forgot to get a christmas card for budd's parents, so we went by my sis's house to pick up my star trek christmas cards (they're totally awesome).
there were some people there, so I didn't wanna get off alone..
turns out some folks from her church were helping her decorate - putting up christmas lights outside and on the tree inside.
there was also a tiny kitten that had been hanging around for a while.

budd and I brought her home.
her name's nerys, and she's adorable.
I've gotta find my cable to upload some pics...

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Friday, December 21, 2007 :::


so on thanksgiving day, while budd showered and got dressed and eventually went to his parents' for dinner (lunch?), I stayed home and made some high-end ramen and watched roseanne.
the episode on... the daughter with the curly hair and her boyfriend were having macaroni & cheese in their dingy apt. he said something like, "it's totally noncomformist for us to be here eating mac&cheese on thanksgiving, right? it's not... pathetic, or anything... right?"
she says no, and he nods and goes back to eating...

we went out with irby this past weekend, and then on tuesday mcrough came over and played rock band with us.
it was interesting for me to see him (budd) side by side with other guys I've shown interest in.
and I think, for the first time, I was ready to admit that despite all I say, I'm really happy with how things have played out. granted, he's not the knight in shining armor I sometimes wish he was, but he's so much more to me. I'm not looking down at him, and he's not on a pedalstool.
I've been toying with taking him home to meet my family. he doesn't seem particularly put off by it, which kinda surprises me. what surprises me more is that I'm even thinking about it.
friends have asked before if I can see myself marrying him. I've always said "I can, but I can see myself divorcing him, too." I think it's time I clarified something in my head. I think it's more that I have a low value of marriage, not necessarily him.

I dunno why I'm saying all this.
the office is practically empty and there's no one here to talk to.
and it sounds like, from what he's told me, that budd's parents want him to spend christmas with me.

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Monday, December 17, 2007 :::

har har

so I get home from work tonight to find that budd's christmas gift has been delivered. it's sitting in our patio area and he's at the door to greet me.
I'd had this plan.... this perfect plan.
I got him rock band. it came in a big fucking box. I was gonna take the stuff out of the rock band box, put in a cinder block (or half) for weight, and fill both it and the box it came in (shipping box?) with socks.
so he'd be all excited and open it up to find socks!
but no. it got delivered super early on a day he got home from work early...
oh well. there's always next year.

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tee hee

k so
budd got me a 360 for christmas.
he thought I knew, so he let me open them early (I totally didn't know).
I'm ~loving~ lego star wars. like, wanna play for 5 hours at a time ^_^

I've also been playing final fantasy on my psp.
I just finished the ice cave... and I'm currently roaming about trying to find locked doors and what I'm supposed to use the levistone (I think that's what it's called - that rock that levitates) for.

and in WoW we killed that elemental boss again. I'd link you a vid of it, but I'm not bothered enough to dig through budd's site for it.
well, I guess I lied. I figured to be able to type that in I'd at least have to take a stab of where he keeps it. first try and I found it.
so here it is - myst vs hydross
and how helpful is the file name? instead of "that elemental boss" you get his/her/its proper name.

since I'm linking other stuff here's my gamercard...

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Thursday, December 13, 2007 :::

har har

I forgot to mention...
our apartment is leaking again.
in two spots.
right over budd's bed.

he called maintenance last night to get the ever popular "we're not allowed to page them for leaks" again.
ffs never move into las colinas!

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frosted animal crackers

so I was reading my last post and realized I left out two things that are kinda important.
the first one is:
due to both budd and me feeling disgusting, we were not able to go to katz's. I will never forgive him.
and the second one is:
during our Nth attempt at leo we got him down to 1%. then it was bedtime. we were all pretty devastated. and he was at 1% for a few seconds, so we're going with "we got him to < 1%"
we've killed... the big element guy... last week. we tried last night but for whatever weird reason we couldn't seem to kill him last night. I really dunno what was going on, since I wasn't doing anything differently.
we also did gruul's last night, and I got a new neck! with teeth of gruul I finally broke +1500 healing. oh wait. I lie. I had a bem flask up... so I'm sitting at like, +1497 heal. sucks to be me :(

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007 :::

ol' one eye

so wow it's been a while since I've sat down and blogged.
just so much stuff has happened that I'm kind of feeling overwhelmed with having to write all of it.
I'm gonna go with just the highlights.

budd was sick all last week, but we did manage to head to the mall on thursday to buy something for me to wear to the christmas party.
we made it to the airport on time, and security was remarkably un-invasive. aside from having to take off my shoes it didn't seem much different from last time I was at an airport (way back before 9/11). budd got pulled aside for a random pat-me-down, but we were through the checkpoint in under 5 minutes.
the flight wasn't bad, but I forgot to take some gum so I had horrible problems with my ears not popping. ugh it was so painful I was tearing up. I did manage to get most of the god of war demo done, but my eyes were too watery for me to finish.
once we landed we headed to the hotel and then to landry's for a late lunch. now I've gotta say - I love me some landry's! it was soooo good. I had the broiled seafood platter (I think?) with scallops and shrimp and some fish. also had an oyster and various fried things from our amazingly tasty appetizer. when we were walking to our table (we sat on the deck) this bird made off with 3 or 4 packs of sweet and low... and this guy who was fishing caught a pretty big fish. when we were leaving and they were taking out plates away, a whole load of seagulls were dive bombing our leftovers. great fun, imo.
then we stopped by the corporate office for a bit. it was really nice - they've got all their ceiling tiles ~and~ they're all the same color! *gasp* and their tech support techs have offices! nice offices! I feel abused :(
the we went back to the hotel where I spent an hour ironing our clothes, and then we headed to the party. I swear, I've never heard the same thing ("we're SO happy to have you back!") so many times in such a short amount of time. anyhow, it was fairly nice. chino won employee of the year, and received a 7 day cruise for 2 (bet his wife's happy). think the highlight of the evening was when one of the wireless guys (who was ~completely~ trashed) tried to sneak a lit cigarette through the restaurant and fell flat on his face. oh it was funny~
we didn't stay long because budd & I were both still feeling kinda sick (did I mention I was vomiting my guts out wednesday night/thursday morning?) so that's where our evening ends, but apparently the rest of the crew kept partying 'till ~ 04.

we didn't do much but fly back on saturday. I remembered gum, though, so it was gravy. I started playing the original final fantasy (or final fantasy 1?) and have been playing pretty steadily since then.
except last night!

dungeons and dragons night!
I'm an 8 year old female cleric named Queasy StClaire. budd's an elf wizard named Asshole McGee (yes, I named him. and he deserved it!). one of mcrough's friends is playing too - he's a human samurai that I don't think has a name. and of course mcrough - he's our dungeon master :P
I had a surprisingly awesome time last night! it was our first go, and we spent a good portion of the evening filling out our little character sheets. it was disgustingly tedious, so I was settling in for what I expected to be a horrible time.
but it wasn't! once we started it wasn't too bad, but the fun didn't really light up 'till we entered combat! we were attacked by orcs! one threw a javelin at me that barely missed me! so I shot him with my crossbow! in the eye! eventually I killed one of them, budd stunned one, and then the samurai killed the one budd stunned, and then the one eyed fella took off running. eventually he "killed" me and the samurai and escaped, while budd took us back to town to be revived.
I'm still pretty surprised I had such a good time, and my only complaint is that we don't have more people to play with. so if you live in the lubbock area and wanna play d&d with us, LET ME KNOW!!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007 :::

katz's never kloses

we're leaving for houston on friday morning and coming back saturday afternoon. I've been so busy worrying about what I'm going to wear that I forgot the real reason I always jump at a chance to visit.
I will never forgive myself if I make a trek to houston and don't stop by katz's. if you balled up all the reasons I miss houston and how much I miss katz's being right down the street, well, I don't think there's anything I miss more than katz's. but definitely miss the food more than anything.
I wonder how budd feels about renting a car...

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