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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 :::

you're always on my mind

so it's been an eventful week, and it seems I forgot to mention something from two weeks ago.
saturday before last I was having horrible chest pains. unable to take deep breaths, and had to sit perfectly straight to be able to breath sitting down without pain. it was gone on sunday, and thursday when I came in to work tooter had just gotten back from the doctor's office. he has(had?) pleuritis, which may have been what I was experiencing as well.

our time off went well - friday we went out with lus to acuff steak house (yum! catfish and banana pudding)
it was great fun, and seeing lus is always a good time.
on sunday I ate something that didn't agree with me, so I spent most of monday napping and complaining. poor budd :(
speaking of food, my dad came by last night with ribs, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob. he stayed to visit while I ate, and mostly budd & I talked about the cat.
ah the cat. she's certainly something. I was laying in bed when she was attacking my arms and hands, so I put them under the covers and she then attacked my face. great. so from now on I'm sleeping with my bedroom door closed and the cat only on the other side of the door.

because we had the time off and I didn't spend too much of it chatting I didn't notice slave was upset with me.
until yesterday. we had a good disagreement about something I'd said to him, and I think we're better off for getting it out in the open rather than him not bringing it up and the issue just eat away at our friendship.

and I guess I should bring this up, since it's kinda been bothering me.
I sorta e-stalked someone.
as I mentioned, my david's bday was earlier this month.
I googled his preferred username.
I found a site that had videos of him drawing and painting.
one of them was a speed drawing of his wow character.
it had his realm and character name on it.
now I know what you're thinking, but I didn't. I did not create a character on his realm. what I did do, though, was armory stalk him.
for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, a while back blizzard pushed through a site where you can look up characters. can see their gear, where they've spent their talent points, their professions, reputations... just a whole lot of stuff. here, lemme link you mine: sockninja (I usually log in pvp gear, if you care)
so yes. I armory stalked him. he has an impressive number of honorable kills. I was surprised to find myself comforted by his poor item enhancement choices (read: +40 armor to chest from an armor kit rather than a proper enchant).
so yes. now that's off my chest.

in other news...
I ordered a new laptop yesterday.
I'm pretty excited about finally getting a new one.
and yay for awkward situations!
apparently some people in our guild are meeting up in new orleans some time.
and with me always pushing for gquitting, I can only imagine how fun it'd be :P

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 :::


so there've been some startling developments in two of the webcomics I read.
I feel like such a lamer for being so involved - I literally stood up when I saw yesterday's QC comic.

not much has been going on for me.
my valentine's was nice enough - budd made spaghetti and we watched both pilots of st:tos. I can't get over how lame it all is, but I absolutely love it anyway.

I've had a headache since sometime last week.
it's been almost constant, and I've been popping aleve at the max daily dosage level. I picked up some sinus headache stuff at walmart last night, so hopefully it'll finally clear up and I can get back to being myself.
if that doesn't work I don't know what I'll do. =/

both budd and I are looking at 4 day weekends coming up - we've got friday and monday off and hope to get our apartment properly sorted out.
it's still a mess, ya'll. and now with the cat it's even worse than usual. we've got all her toys and little kitty furniture just laying around the living room. I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of some of the chairs I have out to make an area for the huge kitty habitat my dad made her.
did I mention my dad made her a kitty habitat? I didn't wanna pay $200 on something we could make for about $50, so I didn't. and the thing he made is HUGE. and she loves it! only we're hoping to get her declawed at the same time we get her spayed, so she's only got a few more months to truly enjoy it.

work is so horrible when I'm taking a ton of calls so early in the morning and I've got my week old headache to help.

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Monday, February 11, 2008 :::

so holy shit, I was right

we just spent about 6-7 hours (between tonight and last night) wiping on that boss we killed last week.
just for the record: hun, I told you so!

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008 :::

it was a fluke, I say!

so on monday night we (my priest's guild) killed this big bad boss in one of the two instances we regularly work on.
I'm convinced it was pure luck, and I don't believe we can kill her again anytime soon.

and, I'm hoping to get a new laptop next month.
again with the arguing with myself, about whether or not this job is really permanent... and how much I hate it sometimes.
I dunno.
I guess I always figured I'd have a career by now. it's so hard to see myself as fully grown up, even though I am. all grown up with nothing to call my own. and even less certain of where I am than ever. at this moment I don't even know for sure where I want to be.

tomorrow is my david's birthday.
even if I wanted to, I could never forget it; he shares his birthday with dickwipe.
I talked to slave last week.
I'm all a jumble now...

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Monday, February 04, 2008 :::


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