Saturday, May 31, 2008 :::

sometimes I'm both

I do love a knight's tale.
budd went to bed over an hour ago but I've got to wait at least 'till the part where william gets knighted.
gets me all teary eyed :">

and oh man, I just saw a commercial for the new ninja gaiden.
it looks pretty awesome, but I haven't done much of anything but play wow in my free time anymore.
I do have so little free time now, due to work being so busy I don't do anything but work at work, lol.

and WoW news!
the gem vendor opened today...
I replaced 4 gems for now, and I'll hopefully be getting either a new helm from gorefiend, shoulders from mother, or perhaps a new belt from illidari council. if any of that happens I'll positively put epic gems in them, but as for the stuff I have now it's kinda really old.
I bet you don't even know what I'm talking about, but it's surprisingly important to me. not always, but right this moment it is.
I actually scrounged around for some paper and did my own math to find out what gems I should be putting in which pieces. great fun :P

now I'm off to watch the rest of the movie.
with my box of kleenex :x

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Friday, May 30, 2008 :::

utter disappointment

we went to see the new indiana jones movie last night.
I thought it sucked pretty hard.
I tried so hard to like it but... so much of it seemed forced.
I dunno, I guess at least it kept me entertained for the two hours we were sitting there.

and there have been some major changes at the office.
I dunno if I mentioned this, but tooter's leaving. on to greener pastures it seems. he'll certainly be getting paid a lot more, so it is greener in that sense.
my opinion of the jesus fan has changed. the new guy part deuce is certainly taking some getting used to.

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Friday, May 23, 2008 :::

wonderful weekend so far~

so I got home from work and found my glasses (halfway under my desk).
♪ I can see clear-ly now my glasses have been found ♫
maybe I can finally finish it!
I've really gotta update my librarything, eh?

and also, budd showed me this.
I love it.

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carrot juice

if you ever get the chance to drink it, pass.

if you were my glasses, where would you be?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008 :::

so this

budd and I had lunch together, like we do almost every day.
he was bringing me back to the office.
I got out of his car and it hit me.
I'm all grown up.

it made me a little sad, but it also felt.... done?

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008 :::

oh thank God

so yes, I just finished misery.
--and spoiler alert--
she's dead!

next up: it!

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Monday, May 12, 2008 :::

mark the date

I bought my first "real" stephen king books this weekend.
I say "real" in the sense that they're spooky.
we picked up misery and it.
I'm pretty excited.

I've started reading misery, and I'll let you know how it turns out.
budd & I are supposedly taking a week off of WoW, so hopefully I can read it sometime this week.
I'm interested to see how bad it'll be :P

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 :::

what. the. fuck.

I know I said I was gonna stop bitching, but this is pretty fucked up.
there's been pretty bad storms lately, so we've had tons of outages these last two days.

the jesus fan and tooter were off playing interviewer and conference call buddies, so I was taking all the calls.

then I got an im on our work phone system/im client, from some random chick I've never talked to before, asking if anyone in my area speaks spanish.
I tell her no, and go back to fucking with some lady's email.
then I get another im, from a lady in billing, asking me if I speak spanish.

now forgive me, but after the pos day I've been having, I don't really feel like playing the token mexican.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008 :::

a lifetime of mediocrity is overwhelming

are you tired of hearing me bitch?
I'm tired of hearing me bitch.
I'm tired of bitching.

yesterday was a big day for us.
we took nerys to get spayed & declawed yesterday morning.
then we went to ihop for a decidely crowded experience.
and then we went to see ironman.
budd still thinks samuel l jackson is a badass. I still think he needs to see untouchable and then he'll agree with me.

we stopped by market street for some sushi on saturday.
they've got some flavored mojito mix that sounded a lot like the stuff at fridays. I really wanna pick some up, but budd seems to have some aversion to driving out to the strip. so until I can convince him to head out and grab some rum with me, I won't be purchasing the mojito mix anytime soon.

and while I've had a pretty crummy day, I will take some time to dote on the best part of it.
rambo is gonna be in theaters on the 15th.
we got our tickets already, and if there's a showing at a theater near you, you should probably go rock it out.
I'm so stoked about it.
and speaking of rocking out, mcrough is playing the recovery room on the 15th! he'll be there 'till closing, if any of you lubbock folk feel like heading out.

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