Wednesday, September 30, 2009 :::

flung by the hand of God

we went to the fair for lunch today... budd had to leave early to get back to work but lus & I hung about for a while.
we got on a few rides: the screamer (great fun), the ferris wheel (surprisingly nice), and one of those free-fall drop machine things. well at least, we thought it was a free fall drop thing. apparently you're pushed down at 70-something miles per hour. and there's no warning buzzer or anything. lus and I had reached the top and were talking about some building in the distance and then suddenly WHAM we were on the ground again.

I also got lus to try roasted corn with mayo.
it's pretty great, if you haven't tried it.
I like mine with mayo, lemon, and salt. lus had his with just mayo.
I tried to get him to add lemon and salt but he wasn't having it.
he did like it, though.

I really need to do laundry but I kinda wanna nap.
I bet I'll just play more ultimate alliance 2.

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Monday, September 28, 2009 :::

more eyedrops, wooh

there's some definite light sensitivity when it comes to the sun, but I seem to be handling indoor lights just fine.

he put me on some fancy new drug that's more aggressive than just the steroids alone.
my sis & I did ask about a shot (instead of eyedrops qid), but apparently it's a shot right near your eye.
as often as I'm able to I'm gonna pass on needles near my eyes.
plus oral steroids and the eye shot are for more severe cases.
mine's just annoying.

so it'll be 6 drops per day for a while.
welcome back eyedrops, though I didn't miss you at all.

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if I thought I was devasted before

fuck. my. eyes.
fuck 'em.

my right eye is red and I believe there is some slight pain when I try to focus on something.
I say 'I believe' because I'm not sure if I'm just making up the pain.

I'm gonna try and schedule an eye appt for today, whenever my opthamologist's finally opens up.
I really hope I'm imagining pain and it's just pinkeye or something.

I hate eyedrops.

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Friday, September 25, 2009 :::

finally ^_^

the fair is here~
I'm hoping to go tomorrow for lunch.
also, Boyz II Men is gonna be there? random!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 :::

I'm surprised how crushed I am

We made a final selection for the position of Part-Time Library Aide III, and selected another candidate.

I kind of want to cry.
I wonder how bad I'd feel if I had expected to get the position.

on the bright side, today's my last day of eyedrops.
for real this time.
at least until my follow up appointment.

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Monday, September 21, 2009 :::


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Saturday, September 19, 2009 :::


so I dunno wtf I was smoking, but I'm still on eyedrops until wednesday.
I'm so flaky sometimes... I was reading my post and got all excited about it, then I realized I posted that on a friday so it couldn't be true.

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Friday, September 18, 2009 :::

gurgle gurgle

today is my last day of taking eyedrops.
I have another eye appt in 4 weeks, and supposedly they'll be running all sorts of tests on me.
I'm annoyed that he wants to see me so far into the future, since more than once he's talked about how if I stop taking the steroid drops they'll have to start them up again in full force (at the beginning of this ordeal I was on 4 drops of steroids per day for just my right eye) and I really don't want that.
what I want is to stop tasting like eyedrops.

my dad and I tried to get the water stain out (on the hood of my truck) but it didn't come out. apparently the "water stain" removed the clear coat. we even went as far as trying rubbing compound, but that only made it worse.
so now I've gotta get my entire hood repainted, and color-matched to the rest of my truck.

we've been playing marvel ultimate alliance 2, not sure if I mentioned it.
I think it's pretty fun, but it's making me miss javi-er :(
wtb 'neeeeeeeenja turtles'

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Monday, September 14, 2009 :::


I got tickets to go see eddie izzard in concert.
it's in dallas in january, so we checked with sarah & zach and they're in too!
I also told lus about it and he seemed interested so hopefully he'll get to go also.

kind of makes up for not being able to go to houston, though I don't know anything about dallas.
I'll hafta stop in and see my brother while we're there.

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Friday, September 11, 2009 :::

with my tail between my legs

so slave finally convinced me to rejoin resurrected, and I did not get the welcoming I had expected.
instead of everyone either ignoring me or being super rude, everyone seemed happy.
well ok, not ~everyone~, but mostly everyone.
the people who matter, lol.
there are a lot of new names in the roster, though.
seems after budd & I left they stocked up on priests.. think there's maybe 10 or 12 at 80 (had been 5 with only 3 of us playing regularly).

we did a guild timed cos run and it was a lot easier than I remember it being, so maybe there's hope for me to get the bronze drake after all.

I finished batman on tuesday.
overall I was pretty happy with it.
instead of diving back into prototype (which would have required me getting up off the couch and switching game discs) I gave shadow complex another try.
it's really really hard, y'all.
I've had this brilliant idea of giving it a go on easy mode, and then doing another run through once I'm able to get the golden gun version of the big, bad, final gun you get.
if I can't do it that way then I'm giving up and going back to prototype.

and apparently I now have supervisor priveledges in our phone system.
yay for more responsibility and no pay raise.
did I mention that starting tomorrow we've got 10 techs and we're open 24/7?

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009 :::

if there was a /devastated emote for real life

I just got back from my doctor's office, from what I had hoped would be my last visit.
but no.
both my eyes apparently still have stuff wrong with them, and he is worried about it flaring back up again.
so I get to stay on eye drops for another 2 weeks, and then go back to see him a month after that.

so much of my immediate future hinged on this being my last appointment.
instead of carefree unemployment and a visit to houston, I'm stuck with tasting like eye drops for another two weeks.

I am so crushed right now.
with this kind of morning I'm no longer nervous about my interview this afternoon, I'm outright dreading it.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009 :::

wtb sex change

so I spent a good while last night plucking my eyebrows.
it is sooooo painful.
and they don't match.

oh well!

I have my last dr's appt on wednesday.
and I'm off work tomorrow.
but so is budd, so no more batman for me (at least not tomorrow).

I'm almost done, I think. I have gotten all the little hidden objects aside from the one building that I'm in.
and I think I am on the fight right before fighting joker.
speaking of the batman game, I had a silly conv with peaches about harley quinn, poison ivy, and their spankability.

I've said it a zillion times, but top gear is great fun.
check out the episode where top gear destroys a toyota truck (or tries to!)

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