Saturday, June 25, 2011 :::


you know, things are pretty great for me right now.

I have a job I'm ok at, and I love the guys I work with...
I'm still hoping to be able to go back to school, though it did get pushed back to the fall...
the bf is actually really great, and I am wondering if he isn't on to something (with being so picky about who he dates). if we're still together in august, I'll come out and tell you who it is. if not, I really don't wanna go through another public breakup so soon. but if you know me at all, surely you know who he is.
I've got all the ds9 I can handle, with plans for assorted other things once we finish ds9. I've also been watching macgyver on netflix, and apparently the ateam is on there too! and next month all the star trek series! and holy shit all of sg1 is already! <3 netflix. woooh!
I finally purchased city of fallen angels on my nook, and it's going well so far. I've got a ton of other things I could start reading if it suits me (including several batman graphic novels mcrough has loaned me that I plan on buying for myself next paycheck)
I got my new tv set up, though I didn't buy any fancy cables. while it hasn't improved my game, it's nice to be able to read text from my couch :P
I'm looking forward to renewing my gamefly subscription. I also have been wanting to play rock band 3 a lot lately, so I've been looking for a game+keyboard bundle. I haven't found one irl, so I'll likely order it off amazon next month. can you believe the bf's never played rock band 3? it's actually pretty shocking to me. I'd like to go through and finish all the games I own, since so often I'd play for a bit and then lost interest (or get stuck due to my gimp jumping/aiming skills)

speaking of games I never finished - the tekken movie is coming to town!
I'm super stoked about it y'all.
I hope I can convince javi-er to go with us ^_^

I got an invite into google music's beta on thursday.
I've been uploaded nonstop since about 1715 thursday, and it's only about 5300 songs in.
it also won't work on any that have drm on them.... so... ugh.
all I can say is: right now, icloud looks really attractive.

that's all for now, I think.
atm my biggest pain is having to be at work at 08, but it really can't be helped.
and ugh, the company I work for is moving into a new building next week... I think it's gonna double my morning commute.

still, though - things in my world are surprisingly pleasant at the moment.
it's almost creepy :P

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Wednesday, June 01, 2011 :::

sometimes I say it right the first time

though this wasn't actually the first time, I still think it's the best I've ever said it.

the bf wants to stay on the island when we go home for thanksgiving.
well, when I take him home for thanksgiving.

I feel kinda bad that I'm dragging him there after only a couple of months, but after budd refusing to go...
it's not really the promise of a commitment it would have been with budd, but at least he's willing to meet them.
and before I have to meet his parents.

though, the way he talks about his mom...
I kinda want to meet her for s&g.
the way he explains their relationship... they've got a really interesting dynamic and I wanna see it in real time.
on the other hand, I have a history of moms disliking me... so maybe I'll just enjoy the "I'm happy she makes you happy" for a while longer.

when it comes down to it, I don't know that we'll even still be together for thanksgiving.
but if we are, he's taking that trip with me.
if he doesn't, at least I'm not waiting 5 years to find out.

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see what god did to me?!

it seems my faith in my hydrochloric acid was misplaced

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