Sunday, August 11, 2013 :::

the tables have been turned

the bf has been to the valley with me several times.
at some point, this happened:

we were sitting out in my mom's front yard, on the sidewalk, in a couple of lawn chairs.
we're eating popsicles and there's a breeze and we're in the shade of one of her trees.
I'm sitting there thinking, "man this is really nice.  I dunno why people complain or why I ever left here."
I look over at the bf and he looks ~miserable~.
drenched in sweat, and mosquito bites all over his legs.
pretty funny, ya know?

until now.
we've been in dallas for the weekend and spent a little while out by the pool and I've got about a dozen mosquito bites in various places.
he's got none.
and he's loving it.

afk, gonna see if I can concoct some sort of hydrocortisone salve I can bathe in =/

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Monday, August 05, 2013 :::

a whole new world

welp, I did it.
I registered for two courses, Survey of the Old Testament and Beginning Latin, for fall 2013.
I just dropped the bible course.

not only is ENMU a proper university, they actually have a religion degree!
as such, I think I'm going to review the material we covered at SPC.
the bible classes I took at SPC were both electives, so I'm also going to try and look up the courses (Survey of the New Testament and Life of Christ) at enmu and see what books/assignments they covered.

so for the fall, it'll only be beginning latin.
still though, I can scratch that off my bucket list soon enough.

I'm still really excited about the fall semester ^_^

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