Sunday, May 25, 2014 :::

almost amusing

so this past thursday my computer case finally came in
I'm the proud owner of a new gaming machine
immediately, I started playing wow

curse does this thing where you can pay extra for "premium" where they not only keep track of what addons you use but also their settings
it did import most of my addon settings, but it did not preserve my powerauras.
it did preserver grid, so the game is not completely unplayable, but powerauras are a big fucking deal for me.

my old gaming laptop still hasn't made the move,
I did find the external drive I used to back up that computer

upon plugging that external drive in,
I realized, for some bizarre reason, I was only backing up the user profiles.

so fun!

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Sunday, May 11, 2014 :::

spring 2017

welp, I just worked out a schedule...
assuming I could quit work and go to school full time
it'd be spring 2017 before I graduated

I'm taking art appreciation over the summer, and that'll put me at core complete

enmu does course rotations and they are fucking me so hard (literally adding an extra year)
cs here requires a math minor, and even with those classes added I hate two really light semesters.
adding a religion minor as well and it works out to 4 classes a semester with summers off.
because of course rotations and prerequisites my spring 2016 and fall 2016 have 1 cs class each, and 1 math class each.  adding in the 12 additional hours I need for a religion minor that gets me to 4 classes each of those semesters.
so that'd be cool.
of course, if any of the classes are in the same time slot I'm fucked.

on top of not being able to fund going to school full time (paying out of pocket means I'd need a full time job, and having a full time job means I would not have the free time required to do the work for a full semester), I don't know that we'll even still be here.
if the bf graduates and can't find a job (he's got about 3 semesters left) then even with me working full time we wouldn't be able to afford this house.
so I dunno what's gonna happen.

I've spent all morning (well, since I got up at 11ish) working on getting this schedule hammered out.
stick of truth ain't gonna play itself!

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Monday, May 05, 2014 :::

fuck you miss hello kitty

my religion prof's email when she posted the final:
"should take about two hours"
I've been working on this for the last 4 hours and I'm not even halfway done
maybe 2 hours for her, but she's got a phd in this shit!

(one of her email addresses is

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