Tuesday, March 07, 2017 :::

on the other hand

so the bf got a job and is moving, prolly in the next week or two.
so instead of worrying about soylent Imma try and eat stuff in my cupboard so I don't hafta move it.
plus it'll be easier to do soylent when I'm not coming home to him.
weekends, however, will be so much better since I'll be leaving this bubbling metropolis to go see him and his washer/dryer.

funny story,
last night we went to the only hibachi joint within a hundred miles of here to celebrate.
as we're sitting there literally talking about how glad he is to be getting out of here,
a waitress comes up and informs us that someone hit his car.
oh the lols.

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Saturday, March 04, 2017 :::


so the bf brought sushi back with him from lubbock yesterday, so in addition to gizzards I also had some supermarket sushi.
side note: sushi and aranciata go extremely well together.

today was going so well.
I volunteered at the science fair this morning and managed to turn down not only DONUTS but also CANDY.
I was so proud.

then our munchpak came in the mail.
now I'm thinking about going out for dinner (shout out to Roma's, yum!)

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Friday, March 03, 2017 :::

so that was short lived

I fell off the soylent wagon today.
In my defense, a couple of guys who had never tried gizzards before were willing to give them a try.  so we had gizzards, yum!

it's pretty funny that I've accidentally done two days of soylent before, but when I've got a purpose I friggin forget all about it as soon as someone mentions gizzards.
genuinely forgot, too, until we were at the gas station waiting on them to be dropped into the fryer.

I'm hopping back on tomorrow, so wish me luck!

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Thursday, March 02, 2017 :::


for real, I am on the verge of dropping one of my stats classes and if I do then I'll probably drop the stats minor completely (this course is required for the minor).
but listening to the fighting music from ffvi sure makes the simplex method more exciting.

in other news,
I've decided to go 100% soylent for march.
I know we're only on day 2 but it's still going well so far.
of course, with the new flavors it's easier than ever to keep to it.  seriously they're pretty good.
I'm still experimenting with things to put into 2.0 but coffiest, nectar, and cacoa are helping me stay on the wagon.
speaking of wagon, I'm not giving up my lemonade mio vodka drinks.  but I am keeping track of the calories.
guess we'll see where we wind up, if I'm even able to keep it up for the entire month.

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