Thursday, April 27, 2017 :::

glad he's safe

someone kicked in the back door at the bf's house last night.
he wasn't home, and the kitties are fine.
but it's 4pm for him now and no one has gotten back in touch with him about fixing the door...

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 :::

outstanding v2

so, yesterday was an awards ceremony here at the school.
I was awarded a couple of scholarships so I was invited to attend.
guess who made Outstanding Student in Mathematics 2017?!?!
yep, it was me.

the bf is such a trendsetter :x

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017 :::

but I don't wanna

so the univ's student research conference was last week (the day I broke my sunglasses, incidentally), and I presented a poster for the program I wrote (identifying high risk courses based on a student's final GPA) and they stuck me in the same category as EET.
so unfair!
the twins were right next to me presenting on a light detecting solar panel motor thing (think a sunflower) and Dana and his group were across the way presenting on their solar powered golf cart with voice recognition!  all I did was write a program!  in Python even!  (was originally supposed to be in R)
so no one but the judges talked to me.

because all the math profs were off judging other categories, the chair of the math dept wants us (the presenters in the mathematical sciences category - still includes EET btw) to present sometime in the next two weeks for the math faculty.

in other news, I got an invite to the scholarship award ceremony so I may be getting a merit based scholarship, yay!
but, I may still fail stats 2 or OR, so who knows if I'll actually get a scholarship.

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Thursday, April 06, 2017 :::

what a great time

so yesterday I was leaning forward and had my sunglasses tucked into my shirt.  and they fell out, about 2 feet, and hit the tile.  one of the lenses popped out.
this morning I noticed my glasses were really bent, like, the part near my eyebrows vs the part near my cheeks was no longer vertical but at a fairly extreme angle.  I tried to bend them back into place and broke one of the arms off.
so yeah, fun times

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