Sunday, March 25, 2018 :::

fatty mcfaterson

I never did get around to making that 'fatty' app I wanted to.
but yeah, I am at a new high-weight.
atm my plan is just to track what I'm eating.

starting next monday I am gonna swap to soylent only until I am out of bottles.
I have....  8 boxes of soylent?
they're taking up a ton of room in my closet, and I would save quite a bit of money in april if I don't hafta pay for any food.
I'm also hoping it'll help with weight loss.
guess we'll see.

I'm gonna weigh myself next monday morning, and let me tell you, I am not looking forward to it.
I am also gonna work on throwing out any clothes that don't fit me.  well, maybe I'll wait until I'm done with soylent, and then clean the fuck outta my closet.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018 :::


I forgot to mention this, but you know how I said I love rep grinding?

welp, I went out to this area that have these cat guys that were too tough for me to do by myself when that content was relevant.
I easily killed a few mobs and noticed I wasn't get any rep.
I figured maybe I had enough rep that these guys didn't give anymore, so I went and completed this quest.
still no rep.

oh I know, I'll check my reputation pane.
mfw I am already exalted with this faction.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018 :::


welp, I've put OTT on hold for now.

I renewed my WoW subscription earlier this week.
once the hockey season is over (doubtful the stars will make the playoffs, so prolly only through the first week of april) I hope to have enough time to start playing again.
I am prolly gonna aim for wrapping up the reputations I never hit exalted with.
I do love rep grinding.

work is meh.
it's a lower position than when I left, though I am making more money now.  and I pretty much don't have to worry about anything after hours (though I imagine I'll eventually get pulled into the weekend on-call rotation).
it's just weird not being able to do so much of what used to be my day-to-day.
I dunno, I hope I'll feel better once I start school again.
I am def feeling the stagnation already, though.

we're still moving.
almost done.  or at least, closer than we've ever been.

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