Saturday, July 20, 2019 :::

lemme tell you about that time I met Scott Kirkland

we went to see the crystal method last night
after the show duder hung out signing autographs and taking pictures...
the bf didn’t have any cash and the merch booth didn’t take cards so the bf wandered off to find an atm.
we wound up essentially last in line (the drunk dude [tbf perhaps I should call him two beers guy as he was double fisting] who we’d been chatting with off and on throughout the show was “behind” us) and spent about 10 mins chatting with scott kirkland since there was no one behind us.
two beers guy asked scott kirkland for a story about the lead singer of tool/apc and, among other things, I am apparently the same height as that guy!

I had a great time and the bf was in heaven after that interaction...  fans for life based solely on him taking the time to chat with us - the music is simply a bonus

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 :::

a fire upon the deep

I read during my lunch breaks at the office.
I put in earbuds, put on some brown noise, and read for an hour.
it's really nice, and honestly one of my favorite things about my job.
there's an empty office with a couch in it. I lay out with a couple of sweaters and it's really really nice.
I spent most of the spring on fantasy. this summer I've been reading scifi.

several years ago a friend of mine recommended a fire upon the deep.
I bought it and hadn't gotten around to reading it until now. I'm about halfway through and I wish I knew someone else who was reading it so I could talk about it!
we've been painting and I find myself thinking about what's happened in the book.

Paul, if you're reading this, good fucking job! and I'm sad I didn't start it sooner!

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