Friday, January 24, 2020 :::

psa real quick

our electric bill at the own house was $500 last month.
I bought some of those badass curtains for the remaining windows that only had blinds. the bf put them up in the living room (which is right next to the bedroom, and also I have to make a mad dash through the cold living room on the way to my morning shower) and it has made a ~much~ bigger difference temperatures-wise than I anticipated.
we hope the curtains, in combination with several other changes, make a significant difference in the number of kilowatt hours we use this billing cycle.

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Saturday, January 18, 2020 :::

fun times

last weekend I took my sisters to the book sale with me.
it was also the first snow of the season.
I got hit in the back with a snowball thrown by my oldest sister. then she aimed at my other sister who promptly began chasing her. both were running around in the front yard laughing and screaming.

have I mentioned my sisters are each about 20 years older than me?
gotta love these guys lol

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Saturday, January 04, 2020 :::

new year new me

not really, just the same ol' me as always.

the bf & I both took a couple of weeks off, taking advantage of the christmas & new year holidays to get a full two weeks off for only 6 days of vacation time.
we've mostly lounged about and it's been glorious!

we did have one thing scheduled though: the winter classic
it was intense and a helluva experience.
plus the stars won.
plus corey perry got a game misconduct about 3 mins into the game [imo it was an iffy call though] so I wasn't forced to watch that shitbag play live (boooh corey perry)
tons of people there but my experience was mostly colored by the 10 jackasses sitting in the immediate vicinity of us. it got better as the game went on but they, along with the biting wind gusts, were the worst part of the game.

aaaaaand we got to visit a conveyor belt sushi joint for lunch before we left dallas.
super fun and I hope to get my buddy lus to go with us at some point
sadly, we also hit up bistro b (dinner after the game) and though those shrimp patty spring rolls were still amazing everything else was much spicier than usual.

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