Tuesday, October 31, 2006 :::

no common ground to start from

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I want to have your abortion

so with the time change, I've been going to bed and waking up ~much~ earlier than usual.
(I didn't make any changes to my alarm clock - in only a few short months it'll go back to being right [and the clock on the wall, which is right now, will go back to being wrong]... but I've gotta remember to set the clock on my coffee machine)
my license has been missing for two mondays now, so I'm not sure wtf. I guess if I hafta order another, I may as well put my address here instead of back home. I wouldn't go so far as to say my staying here is set in stone, but I think I am leaning more towards staying than going home.
now I know what you're thinking - another dumb choice by tinafish! staying in lubbock because of a guy [again]. not true, though. well it is, but probably not the guy you're thinking of. r00 and I had been talking about getting a place together, but that's not gonna work out (unless I wanna move to wherever he's decided to stay).

in other news... my priest hit rank 8 this week.
as always, I'm irrationally stoked. I'll post a screenshot as soon as aegwynn comes back up, and we can all bask in the glory that is me being obsessed w/ pvp.
people keep pointing out that the whole honor/rank/pvp system's gonna change with the expansion... I've got no particular reason to keep playing like I have been, aside from that the expansion's not out right this moment. I'll most likely keep this up 'till it changes.

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Monday, October 30, 2006 :::

like I believe in you

I'm in a really good mood today... I think maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing a brown shirt.

I had an awesome weekend... budd & I ~finally~ watched mansquito, aaaand we watched jesus christ vampire hunter.
both were wonderfully horrible, and I loved every minute of it.
saturday we stopped by walmart for I dunno what, but we ran into one of his friends there.
he said he's never seen budd so happy.
how weird is that?

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Thursday, October 26, 2006 :::

if you're tired get on the sofa, 'cause the bed's no place to sleep

I think it may be time to break down and admit I've got a soft spot for budd.
and yes, you'd think that was obvious, him being my SO and all... but really I date so much and so often that it's not something to be particularly proud of, imo.
I dunno what it is about him... I've mentioned before he's got this goofy laugh, and his proper spelling & grammar is such a nice change.
lol - I bet as soon as I post this something'll happen that'll make me take it all back, but oh well.
soft spot.
dunno why.
I do know I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

my priest hit 53 last night. budd's warlock is still 52, but I think we're gonna do a dungeon tonight to hopefully get him to level. he mentioned that he'd like to hit 53 before this weekend (it's a double honor weekend for a battleground that we're... well... ~really~ low for), and I'm hoping if he does that he'll play more with me.
'cause really I'd love to spend the entire weekend pvp'ing, but I threatened to leave him if we don't watch mansquito on friday.
I don't think he took me seriously, and really I'm not entirely sure if he should have.
guess one way to find out is for us not to watch it, and see if I kick him to the curb or not.
on one hand, it's just some lame movie. on the other, soft spot or not we were supposed to watch that movie about a month ago.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006 :::

< / 3 for budd

not a whole lot happened today, but I did just wanna whine a bit.
I've got this bruise on my leg, near my ankle... dunno wtf I did to get it, but omg it hurts.
I blame budd.
(el niƱo was his fault, you know)

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006 :::

heard about you in a country love song

so I had a wonderful weekend, despite the circumstances.
my truck's working atm, so hopefully I won't be so moody.

friday we... hm... I have no idea what we did friday.
we were supposed to go watch the marine w/ beanakin, but he didn't ever respond.
oh right, we went to fazzoli's and then I promptly fell asleep.

saturday... we ordered domino's.
I played some WoW, and he played some ps2 game.
I sang assorted bits of several songs from the mary poppins soundtrack (you know you want it, so here it is: David Tomlinson, Dick Van Dyke & The Londoners - Mary Poppins (Original Soundtrack))
and I think that's mostly it.

sunday... hm...
we went out to dinner for one of his friend's birthday.
and that's pretty much it.

last night we hung out a bit.
and that brings us up to date.

and WoW.
my rogue [finally] hit 55. my priest is 52.
this coming weekend is a battleground holiday, so I plan on pvp'ing for hours.
budd is not looking forward to it.
I'm about willing to bet it'll be me & mcrough trucking along.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006 :::

that other person living in my house

I have seen my sister more this week than I have in the last month.
and as I'm a leave-me-the-fuck-alone type person, this week has kinda sucked ass.
my truck is broken, and I got in a fight with her yesterday about it. I said I would have it towed somewhere if she would just tell me where to take it. she said she'd already made some calls.
so I waited.
this morning I had to wake her up to bring me to work.
driving over here she said something like, "would you like me to pick you something up for lunch?"
and I guess it was kinda rude of me to say, "what I'd like is a working truck."
it's such shit having to hitchhike around.

so... can anyone recommend a mechanic?

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 :::

an army of scarab

I had a good time this weekend...
friday I spent with budd, like I normally do.
well, first thing I did was lus came over, and we had some banana pudding (can you believe he went to acuff steakhouse w/out me? the bastard!). then budd came over and the three us just lounged about talking about nothing.
when lus left budd & I stopped by whataburger, and I saw his computer (omg <3 macbook pro)...

saturday we went to the ph with sarah & lus... sarah had a bit more to drink than I did.
then we went to the bookstore, and budd was embarrassed of me (so I was standing there with a box of scrabble on my head doing the chicken dance... he thought I was drunk, when really that's just me being me) which led to our first fight. for the time being, though, we ended up waltzing (read: he tried & failed horribly) while sarah sang out front of b&n. great fun, overall, aside from that look on his face.

sunday mcrough, milkdud, and I all went to the ph. it's one of the places in town that serves red stripe (milkdud's drink of choice), and really we were aiming for dinner. the kitchen was closed, so we had chips & queso. and I had a 252 that scorched my insides.
mcrough got pretty trashed. it was crazy seeing him sitting there drunk. he was saying, "that 252 hit me like a mack truck." so then I had one too, and seriously - it's something. it was like I'd had 4 or 6 shots of special reserve on an empty stomach. in one shot. it was crazy.

monday mcrough gave me a ride home, and we sat around talking for a bit.
I logged into wow and started pvp'ing (I'm ~such~ a bad host) and then he went over to one of his friend's place for sushi. now I love sushi. you don't even know how much I love sushi. haven't had really good sushi since last I was at kumori's back home a few years ago.
this was good sushi. amazing sushi. a bit spicier than I'd have liked, but omg it was delicious.

and last night!
was playing wow with budd & mcrough... the three of us plus some random people were running this one dungeon... I was left to my own devices to try to kill these bugs. the bugs (scarabs) killed me. in my defense, I'm a priest, and I did kill 1 before 5 of his buddies were like, "fuck you priesty!"
for whatever reason I was already in a foul mood all day, and the entire dungeon run was... messy. so I ended up just logging out in a fit.
a few hours later I log back in... mcrough and I decide to go back to that dungeon. to avenge me he aggro's the entire room of scarabs. without warning. we die.
we go back... and now that he's had his fun he just walks through the room. not me. I start spamming my aoe (area of effect) spell while running around in circles... he has to rescue me, of course.
we procede to kill the entire room's worth of scarabs.
an army of scarabs
(rest assured this was not the only mound)
we did almost the entire dungeon w/out dying again.
we'll be going back for the final stage of the dungeon. just the two of us. I'm almost certain we can do it.

oh and lastly, per tooter's request...
singing fleshlights
it would seem he's become obsessed with them

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 :::

can we say awkward?

so my brother, a couple of his kids, and my dad are in the valley right now...
and funny story, ya?
I'd mentioned to BoB my bro was gonna be home (they were great friends - think I kinda jumped down my bro's neck when he tried to stay friends with BoB after we split up), and that they should get together and hang out or something.
I mean... lol... I've never been much for kids, but BoB always was, and he knows my entire family pretty well, due to the obscene amount of time he and I were together.
now to the funny part - my bro went looking for BoB, and apparently is trying to be friends again.
don't get me wrong; I don't think that's a bad thing. honestly I'm kinda upset at myself for trying to make sure they wouldn't stay friends.
just... it's been a few years... things have changed, ya know?
lol - guess it's up to them at this point, just we thought it was kinda funny.

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make like a shield, and get the fuck out

now... if only I had known I had to be 60 to wear the pvp gear... while it makes perfect sense, it just hadn't really occurred to me.

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Monday, October 16, 2006 :::

151 + 101 = woah.

le milky dud, mcrough, and I went to the ph for a bit last night. had intended to have dinner, but the kitchen was closed when we got there.
I had a 252.... took me from 0 to drunk.

and now I'm sitting here waiting on the anarchist hippie. my truck is broken, so he's being a gent and is gonna haul me to work.
speaking of work - I think the new guy may no longer work there. kinda funny, imo.

omg I'm hungry.
chips & queso and a few drinks are not enough to hold me over.
and with no vehicle, I'm kinda fucked.

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Friday, October 13, 2006 :::

same old story

so I talked to BoB while I was having to make outbound calls the other day.
and I was lying to these people; pretending I was just new to the area (I kinda am, if you don't really take into account how long I've lived here)
anyhow... I just turned skype back on...
I've got a voicemail from him saying, "yes I'm new to the area blah blah blah."
he's so silly

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don't close your eyes

I've been to ihop a lot lately.
budd, my sis, and I went for dinner on wednesday.
and budd & I met up with a friend of mine for dinner last night too.

I talked to BoB for a while yesterday.
gawd he's such a nut.
and it's still so weird how he makes me feel.
plus, for whatever reason, he's very defensive of budd. like... "be nice to him tina" blah blah blah.
I am nice to him, you know. I grace his life.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 :::

what's the glory in living

milkdud's birthday was on monday... we all went out for a bit late sunday night, and for a few hours monday night too.
on monday... I had a few drinks. quite a few. and I didn't hardly get a good buzz off it... it was pretty weird, considering I drank at least twice as much as last time I was out with mcrough.
oh wells.

not much else has been going on, though.
my dad's gonna go home to visit cammy later this week.
I kinda wanna go too.
I got a jury summons and I think that'd be a valid reason to head down for a few days.

went to walmart with my sis last night... bought some jeans, a brown tshirt (quite glorious, I assure you), and a new hoodie.
also some other stuff... sheets or something, I think... and juice... lol... I don't even know.
I do remember the brown shirt, though, 'cause I'm wearing it now. and the jeans. and the hoodie.
she didn't like the jeans - she made some comment about them being ugly, so I promptly put them into my cart.
oh and I bought slippers! my cookie monster slippers have been on their last leg for months now, and I've been meaning to buy some monty python slippers from think geek. that never happened, and they had big fuzzy slippers at walmart, so now I own big fuzzy monster slippers.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006 :::

I need a life

so yes... wow... I need a hobby or something.

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Monday, October 09, 2006 :::

praise the Lord and pass the biscuits

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my eyes are bleeding

but I still haven't hit revered.
and at this rate, I'll hit 49 before I do.
it's... quite discouraging.
all I did this weekend was pvp. I mean... seriously... but we don't win often enough for it to even matter.
I went to bed last night in a huff 'cause some mage was giving me garbage about heals, but omg it's not my fault you die in the 2.5 seconds it takes me to cast a proper heal.
and I said I'd be wsg'ing 'till I hit revered or my eyes bleed.
I think I'm giving up.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006 :::

about that...

so this past friday I met some of budd's friends. we went over to his buddy who dresses up as devil jin's house.
it was... interesting.
like, I thought I was a tekken fan. compared to these guys, I've only played tekken before, can't consider myself a fan.
thought about javi-er the whole time I was there.
milkdud showed up ('cause the bastard had my debit card) and we pretty much cracked jokes at or about budd. fun times.

I have no idea what happened saturday.
think we ate at ihop?
no telling.

sunday we went out for lunch with another of budd's friends... felt like I was intruding, honestly.
then we all went back to budd's and they played a bit of metal slug (that game is fun to watch), then we watched the first part of dune... the pilot for firefly came on (can you believe budd's never seen firefly? that's an automatic -10,000,000 points for him) that I strained to watch... I'd planned on making him watch all of firefly this coming weekend, but since it's wsg weekend I don't think I will.

don't recall anything happening after that. and I guess now we're caught up to speed.
as I mentioned a bit last night, mcrough and I went out to the ph. I love that guy. we had a few drinks, ate a lot of chips and queso, and mostly just talked about nothing.
I had a really good time, and I think maybe that was the break I'd been wanting.
so hopefully I won't be such a whiny little emo person anymore.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006 :::


so mcrough and I went out for a few drinks...
and I just started playing WoW.
this hunter runs up to me blinking red (means he's about to die)... so I'm like, "hm. he's blinking red. I know - fear!"
everyone was quite upset at the awesome (read: shit) healing I was doing.
I was quite amused.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006 :::

sweet sweet love

I can tell you're stoked too

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Monday, October 02, 2006 :::

we all knew it was coming

I dunno... I just feel a bit angsty... almost sick to my stomach, honestly.
this whole thing with budd... it's quaint.
and the things that bother me, they're not even his fault.
unless you consider him being green his fault.
I mean, it's not like he's doing things purposely.
just... he doesn't know any better.

think the big one is, he doesn't seem to know the difference btwn when I say something to him as a counterpart, and when I say something to him as just a random person.
it's to the point where I'm just gonna give him the dumbed down version of everything, rather than risk everyone he talks to knowing things about me most of my friends don't know.
and yes, I know I should talk to him about this... but I think he'd probably handle something like this better on the net, rather than deal with me looking at him the whole time. it seems to kind of creep him out, 'cause yeah... I tend to study his reactions.

I did manage to squeeze in a talk about being honest...
but I've been putting off going into detail about the whole my david/nicc extravaganza.
partly 'cause that's a tough subject to cover, and partly 'cause I'm concerned he'll decide to blog about it, or something equally absurd.
lol - while I sit here blogging.
gawd knows if I'm gonna publish this or not.
and I'm changing dns atm, so not like anyone can read this.

I dunno.
guess when it comes down to it, I really liked being alone.
and spending 3 straight days with anyone is really trying.

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I'm sorry that I missed you

I've been doing fine.

enough with the lyrics, eh?
now about this weekend.
fun times.
friday I... did shit with budd.
saturday I... did shit with budd.
sunday I... yep, you guessed it; did shit with budd.

think sometime later today I'll come back and actually talk about what we did, but for now... I'm gonna fuck with my hosting.
so site'll be going up and down for the rest of the day.
one love.

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