Friday, June 27, 2008 :::

trade off

between budd's car being in the shop and our shattered hopes of a new place to live, we've had a pretty tough week.
to make up for it we just got back from walmart with tons of snack cakes and 4 types of ice cream.
afk while I go give myself a stomach ache :)

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Thursday, June 19, 2008 :::

ffs already, srsly

when we've got weather like this, it's extremely irritating for me to deal with customers who are riding my ass because their connection has dropped for a few seconds 5 times in the last two hours.
especially when the storms have damaged our equipment and caused outages in huge portions of our network.
it's WIRELESS, ffs!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008 :::

my penis has a first name, it's fuck-you-in-the-ass

BoB's birthday was on monday, and we had our usual 'happy birthday' conversation.
it wasn't until afterwards that I realized our anniversary had come and gone and it hadn't really phased me.
I can't tell if I'm happy or sad about that. on one hand, it's great I'm not still fussing over him like I used to. on the other hand, what happened to never forgetting your first love?

budd & I are hoping to move into a duplex, preferably one on north clinton avenue, near our friend mazikeen.
we went over this past weekend and let me tell you, her place is NICE. NICE, even.
I'm betting at least $800/month, but split between the two of us that isn't too terribly bad.
well, it is kinda pricey, but honestly... after living here, I'm willing to deal with a steep price just to live somewhere with nice walls, non-leaky ceilings, a pantry (!!!), beautiful carpet, and a working thermostat.
now if only we could get in touch with the duplex owner to set something up! I've even tried contacted a real estate agent with the company that rents other duplexes in the neighborhood with no luck. :(

we did go look at sagewood, and.... we weren't too impressed.
while both of their two bedroom floorplans have pantries, the larger one (no w/d connections) is seriously dated looking and the smaller one has almost no counter space.
I guess if we can't get into one of those duplexes I'll try and make a push to move into sagewood.
while it's not that great, it's still a ton better than living here.

I'm still kicking myself over moving us out of ashton pointe, but after looking at their website I see that their prices have gone up considerably.
I believe that when we were living there we were paying somewhere ~ $700 a month. now, for the same apt, it's listed as $889 to $1010 a month. yikes. that's a huge increase in just a year.
but I could be wrong about how much we were paying.... maybe $750? still, that's a big jump.

we had two new guys start at the office.
supposedly my schedule's moving to 8-5. that'd be nice.
I'm still trying to get a job at tech, but I haven't heard back from anyone.
I also dropped $800 to pay off my balance at the local community college, so hopefully I can get back into school sometime soon. I've gotta call them in the morning and see what else I need to take care of to get enrolled again.
just a class, maybe two... but it's better than nothing.
and I don't feel so desperate since I know I'm working on changing my situation.
it's no front crawl, but a dog paddle is better than sinking, ya?

oh and my buddy forsaken sent me a link to a pretty funny comic, tentacle monsters and the women who love them.
it's pretty vulgar, and I haven't read all of it, but I'm pretty amused with what I've seen so far.

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Friday, June 13, 2008 :::

pros and cons

though I guess this isn't gonna list good things anywhere, so pretty much it's a list of cons.
stuff I didn't like about the apartments I've lived in:

the intern (2 bedroom, 1 bath):
  • they never really fixed the carpet after the flood
  • lots of bugs outside
  • rodent living in my bedroom wall near the end of my stay, management did nothing to resolve (told me it was my neighbor making noise when, in fact, I lived at the end of the building and had no neighbor)

    ashton pointe (2 bedroom, 2 bath):
  • the parking sucked
  • we had a neighbor who made the parking suck even more
  • refrigerator freezer would leak water into the fridge
  • when they replaced the refrigerator they gave us one that was about 6 inches short & significantly thinner; huge gap btwn shelves & fridge
  • my toilet kept clogging for no good reason
  • budd's toilet needed the chain in the tank replaced, they never did
  • electricity would go out if it rained at all

    las colinas (2 bedroom, 1.5 bath):
  • no pantry in the kitchen
  • microwave in such a place that there is almost no counter space
  • washer/dryer connections are just in the kitchen; no laundry closet
  • dishwasher is absurdly small
  • kitchen appliances are extremely outdated
  • heating/cooling system is extremely unreliable, tempatures vary greatly upstairs and downstairs
  • leaky roof (not anymore, but still)
  • parking still kind of sucks
  • very limited storage space in kitchen
  • very limited storage space in half bath
  • very limited storage space in full bath
  • closets are very small
  • full bath is extremely small
  • window in my room doesn't open
  • low ceilings
  • only one cable outlet (!!!!!)
  • bad tape & float job
  • worn carpet
  • sharp turn in staircase makes moving things upstairs/downstairs difficult
  • weather strip on front & back doors need to be replaced
  • budd's bedroom door doesn't close properly
  • locks on back door need to be replaced (key can be removed from any position while in the deadbolt)
  • our fence is falling apart
  • maintenance failed to alert me when there was a fire 10 feet from my front door (when the tar truck caught on fire)
  • our air condition needs maintenance about once a month
  • unattractive/barely functioning fixtures in bathtub
  • faucet in half bath tempature controls are reversed
  • kitchen light only turns on when it wants to
  • kitchen light sometimes only half lights up (only one tube instead of both)

    so yes, that's a lot of stuff.
    and I may add more later.

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    Thursday, June 12, 2008 :::

    because I know you've been wondering

    I forgot to mention this, probably because instead of being happy I was annoyed with how much drama was associated with getting new gear, but anyhow....
    sock got new shoulders this past week! wooh!
    they're all cool looking, too! priest t6 is just so awesome, imo.
    here's a close of up them :)

    the only other tier 6 gear I can reasonably get sometime soon would be the legs off illidari council, but I'm rather happy with the legs I have now. I guess at some point I'd like to get the token so I don't get screwed because we stop doing black temple (much like the t5 helm off vashj that I passed on because I thought we'd be killing her more often).

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    comedy gold

    [2:26:03 PM] tinafish: Sagewood_000.jpg 648×432 pixels
    [2:26:05 PM] tinafish: *drool*
    [2:26:08 PM] tinafish: look at that parking!
    [2:27:26 PM] tinafish: hey wait a minute!
    [2:27:34 PM] tinafish: their page says covered parking!
    [2:33:59 PM] budd: covered by trees maybe

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    Monday, June 09, 2008 :::


    lus & I went to home cafe for lunch.
    the food was good, but the highlight of the meal was (is?) dessert.
    a peanut butter cookie topped with chocolate frosting.

    home cafe

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    Saturday, June 07, 2008 :::


    so I finished it last night and.... yeah.
    totally not what I was expecting.

    like, the scary parts weren't very scary. the parts leading up to the scary is what got me spooked.
    guess it's always like that, though, huh.

    and one last thing.
    I can't see how the book would make anyone afraid of clowns.
    spiders I can see, but not clowns.
    I dunno, maybe I'll watch the movie.

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    Monday, June 02, 2008 :::

    still hate my job

    the phone system's been down for about an hour, and instead of seeing this as a nice time off, I'm still annoyed.

    and budd's dad had surgery today.
    minor, but was full under.
    so yes.

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