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another WoW post! YAY!

last week, after loot from the latest and greatest bosses we've managed to kill was handed out to people who haven't raided in the last few months, I posted in our officer forums that maybe we should use dkp (you spend points on loot, and points are earned in different ways, but the bulk usually come from raiding).
we currently use suicide kings (you keep a list and people get moved to the bottom of the list when they get loot. people not in the current raid don't move, so it basically rewards you for being afk), and a surprising number of the cms/officers agreed that maybe it's time for a change.

our guild master, who doesn't raid particularly often, has decided to keep suicide kings.
go figure.

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you remember that thing called progression?

budd and I are in a small guild now, that considers itself "casual".
myst was "casual" too, only... different.
in myst we raided 3 days a week... for... 4-5 hours a night? I think about that long... but we were the top alliance guild on the server for quite a while.
anyhow... after they killed illidan on a non-raid night right after the nerf, things went to hell. budd quit the game and instead of looking for a different guild on aegwynn (our server), where all my other characters are, I transferred over to slave's realm. in my defense, there weren't but 4 raiding guilds at the time - two that I didn't like, one that was falling apart, and myst. and also, resurrected came highly recommended, but I think maybe slave just wanted me to transfer over.
in resurrected we raid two nights a week for about 4 hours and it's not usually too productive.
I've said all this before, but it's early and I'm in a mood.

I have a hard time in 10 man raids because it's just so... small. I never raided anything before tbc, and really I skipped kara and went straight into ssc/tk with myst. 25mans were my bread and butter, and I really miss them.

resurrected is recruiting, and as part of the guild's lower management (read: cm) I feel I should do more than just come to raids every week and make the occasional snarky post in the officer forums. so I wandered over to the realm forums and was thinking about posting a recruitment thread.
there are a ton up already, and I can't really think of a way to make my thread stand out from the others that are recruiting, and I got all nostalgic about how headger used to bump myst's recruitment thread at least once a week.

so I go over to the aegwynn forums and sure enough, myst is recruiting (only headger's not the one posting it anymore) and I wandered over to their site.
apparently, resurrected is only a couple of weeks behind myst. we are currently wiping on mimiron while myst downed him this week. they are, however, doing 25man uld while resurrected is only doing 10man.
it is interesting that they were able to get all the way to a progression boss on a tuesday, but I guess maybe they skipped all the extra bosses and went straight in.
of course, most of myst's core went and formed a new guild not long after budd & I left (completely unrelated), and they are currently on algalon, the last boss in ulduar, and have apparently done a lot of the bosses on hardmode, including mimiron.

I think I started this post because I miss hardcore raiding (lol @ calling 3 days a week hardcore), but I guess this casual stuff has it's perks - no one looks at parses for boss fights, no one cares about how much hps or hpm I could have put out vs how much I actually did, no one ever has any suggestions about which spells I should use more... though I'm not sure I like that. I guess I'm surprised that I'd like to go back to "hardcore" raiding, especially since I was so against it in tbc.
I think I'm going to secretly start looking for a new guild, maybe on another server, that will take both budd & I, AND let us raid together, AND be clearing 25man content at a competitive rate.

I'm scoffing already - since every guild we applied to had been willing to take either me OR him, and the one guild that would take both of us didn't think we'd raid together.

the alternative is to try and improve the guild, but I think there are some basic differences between us (budd & I, and maybe a couple others) and the rest of the guild. I wasn't a fan of dkp, either, but we are having major issues with attendance - particularly noshows.
I'm at a loss of how to politely make suggestions that I know people aren't interested in hearing. I guess I should start with the other priests (though really there are only a few that are 80 and only 2 that have raided in the last few months).
maybe I just take the game too seriously. it's bullshit, though, when people die because they were standing in fire and didn't move. if it was just one time, yeah sure.. but if it's consistent, then gtfo!
holy/disc priest + afflic/destro lock LF 25man raiding guild filled with people who don't stand in fire/blizzard/etc, will travel!

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must be something in the water

so my neice is due in late august, and apparently my oldest nephew just found out he's having a baby too.

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my god comes in a wrapper of cellophane

tuesday was the ex's birthday, and it's the first time in 15 years I haven't talked to him.
I've seen him coming online every so often in the last few days, but I didn't message him. and I didn't email him. and now the day's come and gone and that's that.
we haven't really kept in touch much this year. things between us are more than strained, and it seems we can still push each others' buttons. with what happened the last time I saw him, and how our conversations always end with him saying, "I'm glad he's good to you," and me saying, "I think you should talk to her more," I think we've been lying about being friends.

I've been thinking about going home in august for a bit.
my sister isn't doing well and my mother has been wanting me to visit.

and how the fuck did I manage to miss wwdc again this year?

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in the meantime

so I started this long post about how we grilled a couple of weekends ago, but I haven't been able to finish it.
I was sick this past tuesday and most of wednesday, so instead of coming to work and dicking around, I stayed home and moped.
I feel fine now, though I still felt pretty crummy on thursday & friday.
of course, coming back to 2 days worth of work, along with the stuff that piled up while I was trying to get caught up... ugh! I'm still trying to get that cleared up.

mcrough applied to work here, and I do hope we can offer him enough to where he'll take the job. actually, I hope we offer him the job. I'm not entirely convinced we're even gonna hire anyone.

oh well. I better get back to wading through tickets.
gotta love it.

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