Thursday, July 30, 2009 :::

on dargons and lezbos

we went to see the latest harry potter on tuesday.
I was surprised that I didn't cry. I was sad that I didn't care enough about the characters to crack a tear. I went in expecting to cry; I took napkins from the concession stand and everything.
speaking of the concession stand - I had nachos and a soda and a pickle. neither the nachos nor the pickle were the saviors I had hoped for. oh well. the soda was fantastic. :)

I started playing sims 3 a while back... when we were still in resurrected.
I got tired of the intro, so I skipped the tutorial.
I made a chick who lived by herself, and ended up with a full time job and neighbors who thought she was weird.
I was trying to make some sisters, so they could live together and have part time jobs. but as I said, I didn't go through the tutorial, and I honestly thought I made them sisters.
I didn't.
so now they're lesbians. who are married. wooh.

our new guild likes budd plenty, but me.. notsomuch.
it's fantastic.
since I got sat for the raid tonight looks like I get to spend the night playing with my lesbians.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009 :::


so on wednesday we left resurrected.
late thursday we joined insight.

I'm surprised at how everyone in resurrected seems to really dislike me (I was saved to their uld10 this week, but they didn't want to take me thursday evening because I was 'unguilded' even though half the time we have to pug to make a raid) now, but I guess I should have known.
budd really seems to like insight, so that's good. he went to an uld10 with them last night and they made it to mimiron in one sitting (usually resurrected only gets that far on a really good week).

not much else is going on.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 :::

my helm doesn't even have a meta =/

I broke down and finally made a looking-for-a-new-guild thread on the wow forums.
we posted it on saturday evening, and it's gotten a few replies.
some of the guilds seem really nice, and others I'm not interested in at all.
I'm really nervous. it's kind of embarrassing.

in barely related news:
priest t9 is fucking awesome and I want it.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009 :::

there's only one place they call me one of their own

if you've ever considered mugging me, now is the time to do it.
someone stole my debit card info (I guess from one of the gas stations I used on the way to the valley?) and wells fargo cancelled my debit card...
so I've got about $200 in cash on me now.

it was a long drive but overall I had a good time while I was down.
I'd forgotten how humid it is down there.
I'm toying with the idea of moving closer, what with my youngest neice growing up and then my oldest neice is due next month, and my oldest nephew is expecting as well...
I know budd won't go for it, but I still think it'd be nice.
I'm warming up to the idea of living in san antonio since it's only a few hours away, or maybe do what my other sisters have done (my mom and my sisters all live within about 3 blocks of each other), but it's a small town and I don't think they have proper internet connections.
I could always just stop spending so much time on the internet, since really I didn't miss not having a connection when I lived by myself here in town.
I would have to break down and get a cell phone, though.

it's something to think about, and our lease is up in october so I better think about it fast. I hate my job and our apartment, and moving back home would get rid of both of those things AND I'd get to see my sisters and my nieces and nephews more often.

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Monday, July 06, 2009 :::

I may have to do it

I've been putting off going home for several reasons, most notably the life-changing experience I had last time I went home. =/
of course, there's always the falling out I had with my sister and the terrible relationship I have with my mother.

I'd finally grown the balls to start planning a trip home when lus derailed it because he won't be able to go. don't get me wrong, budd is a great guy, but not too much fun when it comes to road trips and eating at places I haven't been in years.

for s&g I called my mom yesterday (did I mention last time I talked to her we actually had a mostly pleasant conversation?) and it turns out she had surgery last week and is still in the hospital.
she said she hadn't told any of us (read: her children that don't live in the valley) because she didn't want us to worry... she's no spring chicken; we SHOULD worry when she has surgery.

so I think I'm gonna talk things over with my sister here in town and see what she thinks...

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