Thursday, October 22, 2009 :::

but I don't want sticky eyes

I had a dr's appt yesterday, and I'm back to putting drops in my left eye. well, only one drop, but still.
he also gave me an optional prescription that I'm not sure if I'm gonna fill.
for one, he said this drug isn't usually covered by insurance.
and for second, I saw this on wikipedia:
"Its side effects may include decreased visual acuity, a feeling that something is in the eye, increased eye pressure or a sticky sensation, as well as other effects."
however, the way he explained it, this drug is different in that it works from the inside out, rather than the steroids I'm on now that work from the outside in. and I really would like to be done with gimp eyes.

in WoW news, I'm super close to getting my chopper made.
in 4 short days, if slave gives me his titansteel cooldown, I'll have all the mats! well, all the mats I can get myself. I also have the 12.5k gold that the mats loys will have to purchase before crafting it.
then only 8 short weeks of argent tournament dailies and I'll have my 100 mounts.

and also, I am on the verge of getting my own ps3.
budd and I fight over the tv all the time, and he's particularly bad about not wanting to watch movies when I do (rambo, star trek, etc).
plus the new star trek movie will be out soon, as well as the god of war bundle (though yes, I already own them). I may take the plunge then, and eventually buy a fancy tv of my own.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009 :::

half the time I don't know what the fuck these people are talking about

.oO(2 firewalls are better than one, and then my router has one too! oh lets block all the ports on everything)

I honestly have never looked at the lights on my router unless the service is down.
and even then I don't get up off the couch to read them, I just look to see if any are red.

I owned a router of my own once.
a linksys.
I put shit in it to get it to work with at&t dsl.
and then I stuck it under my couch.
I didn't sit there staring lovingly into it's lights.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009 :::

what we know about spock's coat

so I was making a list of all the info I could find on spock's coat, but it wasn't going very well.
slave found this.
he also found south beach leather - I may be able to have them make me one!

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Thursday, October 08, 2009 :::

leaves the whole world blind

I had another eye appointment yesterday, and at the start of every appointment they have me take an eye exam.
the appointment at the beginning of september had gone well - 20/20 in both eyes (with my glasses on).
but when I had to go back at the end of september (when my eye started hurting again) the vision in my right eye was 20/40.
and at the appointment yesterday it was 20/60.
I couldn't even make out the letters on the first slide they showed me.
and my eyes felt fine. I've noticed late in the day I'll have trouble focusing, and it gets worse as the day goes on (budd had to read me a portion of a drive-thru menu the other night).

mr eye doctor says it's nothing to worry about as long as it's coming and going, and that once I'm off drops I may need a new prescription for my glasses.
he also said to take more breaks through out the day to rest my eyes. I'm amused, since my boss is always riding my ass about what I spend my time doing.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009 :::

the old familiar sting

all I'm doing anymore is just going through the motions.
work, home, friends, even wow.
in a few months I'm moving back home and leaving everything.
this would be easier if I just left today.

part of me wants to.
I could grab a tank of gas and go home right now.

I'm not sure what I'm expecting to find there, or why it would be any better there than here.
maybe I just wanna break up another marriage.
I wonder if I'd try. I wonder if he'd let me.

he didn't say anything when I told him I was moving back.
he's been hers longer than he was mine. or about the same, I guess... but I don't even know him anymore.
really things weren't that great with him back in the day.
and the last time I was home he couldn't have possibly done anything worse to me than what he did.
I've got to remember that.

I want to spend more time with peaches.
as much as he still blames me for what happened, at least we can talk about it.
it's nice to talk about it.
peaches is the only person I can think of that won't secretly judge me.
he's shrugged too.

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