Sunday, November 29, 2009 :::

found a nice patch with hardly any seaweed

it's been a long time since I built a sand castle.

it's like I've got all these little half-done sand castles, and instead of working on them properly I'm just piling on more sand... see how high I can get them before the tide comes in.
and sometimes I stomp on my sand castles.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009 :::

mmmmmmm turkey pie

lus & I went out for lunch yesterday to this pizza joint called west crust pizza.
we had a "turkey pie."
it was pretty tasty! turkey bacon, sweet potato... cranberry sauce instead of tomato sauce... pecans and dried cranberries too... oh and mozzarella AND feta cheese.
usually I think feta tasted like tree bark covered in dirt, but this was mild enough for me to handle.

we eventually wound up at the new b&n...
and lus sniped a parking spot.
it's a rather involved story and I don't feel like typing it out atm (outages ftl!) but the gist of it is some lady was holding up the two lanes of traffic right in front of the store and lus sniped the parking spot she was hoping for.
I half expected some sort of confrontation in the bookstore but nothing came of it.

the latest network we absorbed came with only one tsr, but apparently he's quit. well, either quit or got fired.
so we get to keep a new network with no additional help on the phones. wooh.
not to mention earlier this week there was another addition to tickets/escalations I'm responsible for.
the "pay freeze" comes to mind now, especially since it's been going on for over a year (and in that time we've continued to acquire wisps).

sarah's in town. we're hoping to get together for lunch or dinner tomorrow.
I'm stoked! haven't seen her in forever.
I'm also hoping she can give some recommendations on hotels for when we'll be going to dallas in jan.
wooh eddie izzard <3

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 :::

tinaism number 32

ok so I forgot what number I was on... not like any of us were really keeping count anyway!

"I'd rather go without than deal with shitty [insert pretty much anything here]."

because I've always had the attitude that friends are replaceable,
and I've been particularly unpleasant lately,
I hope I haven't become the shitty friend that you replace.

my bear is broken, but I need to grow up anyway.

happy thanksgiving.

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Friday, November 20, 2009 :::

but I still don't dress up

my eye appt went well; everything looks good but just to be safe I'm still on drops for another 2 weeks.
after that it's home free (well, until sometime this summer)

I picked up lego indiana jones 2.
it's not near as fun to play by myself (glare @ budd) but I'm still chugging along.
it's pretty great getting to play as indiana jones himself rather than whatever sidekick comes with whatever level I happen to be playing.

milkdud and I finally got together.
he gave me ds9 for my bday.
he was apparently trying to upset me since I often rant about those psycho trekkies that own series.
and now I'm one of them!
I'm actually pretty stoked, since it is my favorite st series, but I can see where he's coming from.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009 :::

hauntingly familiar

budd, lus, and I went out for dinner last night... we went to what used to be hub city brewery, now known as triple J (not to be confused with cafe J, though I just confused it again). on a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 4.
I had a pork chop that was kind of dry, but it had this AMAZING glaze. and the "sweet potato custard" isn't very custard-y, but really just a skinned sweet potato in a bowl. super tasty, though :)
also, pass on the spinach! from the menu I thought it'd be a proper side of spinach, but really it's more of a dip. I had nothing but a cold biscuit to put it on, but it tasted more like collared greens than spinach, imo.
I was happy with my mushrooms, but I love mushrooms so it'd be hard to make me fuss about that.
counting just the food I'd go with 6, but the pace of the meal and the annoying tablecloth drops it down to 4.

I had a job interview this past wednesday, but I'm not real hopeful.
I showed up early (didn't want a repeat of the library fiasco) and heard the lady who was going to interview me talking on the phone to the owner of the company about how awesome the person she just interviewed was.
oh well.
I have my eye appt this wednesday, and that's what I'm really worried about.
I hope HOPE HOPE everything is fine with both my eyes.

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Monday, November 09, 2009 :::

as much as I hate the word, "lawl" is appropriate

"RIP poor little xbox"


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I wish I had something to protect

with all those adt commercials it's no surprise I'm dreaming about getting married.

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Sunday, November 08, 2009 :::

pink carnation in a pickup truck

same old thing so far, so I won't repeat it.

in WoW news, I got mojo yesterday ^_^
had a quick run of ZA with ola, cass, and sol. both ola & I got mojos! hopefully we can run it again next week for cass and sol.

not much else is going on.
budd and I are squandering our time together.
he's taken up the latest castlevania game and I'm still playing WoW.
we played a bit of halo together a couple of nights ago, but it didn't go too well.
I've never been very good at fps's, and halo is no exception.
so we played on legendary and I spent most of my time dead.
I'm amused since I wanted to play to get to the story of it, but we did so badly that we didn't get any further together than I've done on easy by myself.

I've been looking at jobs and apartments for when I move back home, since I don't wanna just be dead weight on my sisters.
so far it hasn't gone too well (I'd forgotten how being bilingual is a requirement for almost every position) and I'm getting more and more anxious about it.
I've even looked at places in other towns - any place with any kind of meaning for me.
kingsville, corpus, houston, dallas... I'm too dependent to just up and move, but I've got at least one friend in each of those places.
I was talking to mcrough and we both agree it'd be so nice to just up and move somewhere completely alone.
if I could just find a part time job and somewhere cheap to live... I could finish school and then just gtfo.

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Sunday, November 01, 2009 :::

I've come to expect it from you

the wireless on my no-name-el-cheapo computer is down.
budd switched hard drives in our laptops since he is closer to the router and I usually have my comp in my lap.
so on top of it always crashing, the graphics card freezing up, and it never coming back up when I reboot it.... yeah.
according to budd it's just the little switch thing that isn't working anymore, but I dunno how that broke since I never mess with it.
I'm stuck with another crap day at the office and am hoping he stops somewhere to pick up a wireless adapter so we can switch laptops back. his keyboard isn't very responsive and I've got a raid tonight.

speaking of terrible day at the office, apparently all the tech support folks out of the "central texas" region have both saturdays and sundays off.
not only two days in a row but flat out weekends off!
I wish I was in then central texas region.

can't wait 'till my eyes clear up.
starting tuesday I'll be back down to two drops total, and then in two weeks another appointment.
hopefully then off drops for a while with one final follow up appt, and maybe a new prescription for my glasses.
I hope this all gets cleared up by the holidays, especially christmas.

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