Thursday, December 24, 2009 :::

how I've missed holidays at home

and crazy family too!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009 :::

ten rounds with wells whiskey

budd's company christmas party was significantly nicer than mine (seating wise) but the food was about the same.
afterwards we went to some bar with his coworkers where I had a few drinks.
they seem like a nice crowd. :)

we had dinner with sarah tonight :D
went to outback (yum!) and had a chance to catch up.
also got to meet her pugs! they are so adorable!
I guess I always thought they were small dogs, but they're medium sized stocky little fellows with skinny legs.
they're also really good-natured; they came up and loved on us and everything.

I'm getting a little nervous about going home, but it's too late to change my mind.
plus my dad is going with me and we're renting a room, so it can't get too bad.
I am really looking forward to midnight mass. it's gonna be so nice to see my priest again, in my church.
there's nothing quite like it, and every church I've ever been to is measured by the small brown church I grew up in.
don't get me wrong, I like other churches... but none of them are home.
I haven't asked my mom if it's been remodeled, and I will be quite let down if it has been.

top gear is on now, and they're doing holiday gift ideas.... it's great, lol..

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Thursday, December 17, 2009 :::

I believe I can see the future

we had our company christmas party last night.
the entire evening was pretty mundane.
the seating was terrible - felt like we were in a high school gym for a sports banquet.
I ended up sitting next to the guy from corporate, and the seats were so close together we kept bumping elbows.
the food wasn't bad, but I still prefer the steaks at fridays.

I went and ordered new glasses yesterday.
also got a pair of sunbglasses (wooh driving during the day here I come!) that I think are pretty cute but the salesguy and my sister weren't very impressed with.
I've still gotta get my last eyedrop prescription filled and then I'll be all ready.

work hasn't gotten any better yet, but I only have a week left.
I really doubt that I'll come back to work here, but I guess it's possible.
maybe a little break is all I need and I'll come back to work happy.
it could happen, right?

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Saturday, December 12, 2009 :::


I had a meeting with the bigwigs of wbs today...
well, not the biggest wig, but the second biggest and then one maybe 4th down the line.
whatever, I've never even talked to these people before but they supposedly want me to stay.
they talked about changes coming soon and all the usual nonsense (even a raise! lol @ staying for only $1/hr more but whatever), but there is no further room for advancement (unless chino drops dead or I move to the corporate office) and I'm not even interested in this field, ya know?

so I dunno.
I am still going home for the holidays and we'll see how things go.
for now, I'm dragging ass so I'm going to bed.
long day of farming the icc 5mans in wow tomorrow!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009 :::

grats to me!

I put my notice in yesterday.
wooh going home for christmas!

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Monday, December 07, 2009 :::


nothing came of that meeting, btw.
well, nothing drastic. just more of the same things-will-be-tight-until-we-get-the-new-investor-and-then-things-will-get-better (they never get better)

I've got errands to run on wednesday!
new glasses? perhaps!
more eyedrops (just in case)? yes please!

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Friday, December 04, 2009 :::


chino just asked everyone in the office to a meeting...

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Thursday, December 03, 2009 :::

this whack-a-chocolate-orange thing is pretty great

it's reaaaaally cold out.
but I've got my space heater blaring under my desk and some coffee so I can't complain too much.

I preordered sto, mostly for an in game pet - tribble or targ.
I'm leaning towards the tribble, but a targ could be cute too.
I doubt I'll convert from WoW, but if anything could get me to it'd be sto.
I'm looking forward to it but am trying really hard not to get excited.

maint & the roofer came by while I was at lunch.
after coming in and mistaking another area (past leak) for the leak they got on the roof and took a look.
then the roofer came back in and said something like, "I think I figured out the problem but it's took wet to fix it right now."
he really did say "think" and I weighed my options.
I was gonna talk shit to him, but I was alone in my apartment with a strange mexican so I kept my mouth shut.
anyhow, the apt is going to continue to leak if it rains again before they fix it. our tiny living room isn't big enough to move the loveseat so I will just have to run home and place a bucket there if I notice it start raining.
at least I have windows now, though all I can really see is the base of the tower here and the fencing surrounding the tower.

I'm hoping they close us.
last time we were getting shut down they did it right before christmas, so maybe that'll happen again.
with how things have been going it's real hard to keep playing nice with everyone, and my personal relationships have suffered.
it'd be so nice to go home for the holidays.

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