Wednesday, July 28, 2010 :::

ice cream 2: happy tracks

it was ok.
it sounded delicious, though.
"Happy Tracks is a creamy vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate-coated peanut butter cups and a dark chocolate fudge swirl."
yeah. about that.
it was plain vanilla, if that makes any sense. like, I'm a fan of homemade vanilla because it tastes vanilla-y. this stuff tasted like... well, I dunno. like plain ice cream.
the "fudge" was just swirls of what tasted like hershey's chocolate syrup.
the peanut butter cups were pretty large (for ice cream, imo) and kind of sparse.
it went better than the chunky monkey, in the sense that I at least ate the entire pint. but it's not something I'll be purchasing again. I'd eat it if I happened to find a pint in the freezer, but not something I'd go out of my way for.

biggest pro: I'm a pretty big fan of peanut butter cups
biggest con: lame tasting vanilla ice cream

TLDR: would try again as long as I'm not buying.

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Monday, July 12, 2010 :::

ice cream 1: chunky monkey

it was gross :(
and I really REALLY wanted to like it.
I tried it twice spread out over a couple of days, and the first time actually went better than the second time.
the ice cream itself was so overpowering it was offensive, but I enjoyed the bits of fudge and walnuts. only at the same time, though... which took some creative spooning (it was hard to see the walnuts since they blend so well into the faded yellow of the ice cream).
I ended up throwing about half the pint down the drain. and we all know how much I hate to waste ice cream.

biggest pro: chunky monkey is a lot of fun to say
biggest con: super artificial banana taste

TLDR: would not do again.

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Friday, July 09, 2010 :::

elvis always gives me the best results

I tried pandora recently, and it seems nice.
it completely sucks for country music, but I think only because I don't listen to the radio anymore (I only ever did on my short drives to work, and now that I work at home I don't drive hardly anywhere).
I really love it when I put in elvis as the starting place.
I know the country bit won't get better until I start liking/disliking stuff, but you can only skip 4 songs (or something super low) an hour? so for now, I'm sticking with starting with elvis.
I wish there was a way to import my audioscrobbler history, but my half-assed google search didn't bring up anything.

I've been going through pics tonight, to show lus some pics from the trip to albuquerque back when I turned 21. he & james recently went to a rush concert out there, and I was sad I didn't get to go. I guess he thought it was 'cause I'd never been, but mostly it was because I love road trips and eating at new places. so does lus, and I hear both he & budd had awesome steaks at some steakhouse out there.
I also emailed my sis a few pics since she doesn't seem to recall much about the trip. that made me kinda sad, since I had such a great time, so I sent her ~ 30 pics. that's quite a bit that than "a few" and her gimp internet connection (I think she's rocking 768k) is gonna freak. I sent them medium sized, but I bet it's still several megs worth.

I went grocery shopping a few days ago and decided to pick up more ice cream than anything else.
I ended up bringing home... I think 7 different flavors just for me.
I haven't started yet, and it's not like I plan on eating them all in one sitting.
plus, after that frozen yogurt blunder (cherry granola crunch, by blue bell) ... every bite is like a kick in the mouth; imo spree has nothing on this stuff. it's like, natural cherry flavor rather than artificial cherry flavor, so it is SUPER tart. the taste grew on me, but seriously it's a kick in the mouth. every. single. bite.
so I was up for a splurge, and staying away from frozen yogurt.
I'll let you know how these flavors go :)

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