Monday, October 25, 2010 :::

selling point

I'm fixing to head to bed (been playing diablo 2 and didn't realize how late it is) but I wanted to throw this out there before I forget - pumpkin spice k cups by green mountain coffee are fucking amazing.
if you've got a keurig, try it out. if you don't like it, COD me the remainder of the box :P
up until today I'd always considered our keurig an overpriced appliance we used to heat water (seriously), but now I'm planning on stockpiling this flavor to last me for special occasions (or particularly bad days) throughout the year.
now bedtime!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 :::

I love pumpkins as much as the next girl

but the nightmares I get this time of year suck ass.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010 :::

about that time again

pumpkin season!
I've already enjoyed a couple of pumpkin pie concretes from our local frozen custard establishment, and night before last I had a wonderful pumpkin spice latte at the bookstore.
anyone wanna make me smell good?

you remember my david?
it's been forever. seems like it's not even me that went through that.
anyhow, at some point before things went to shit with him, I gave him a lightwedge. remember how he uses to spend all his time studying at assorted coffee shops? the lighting was usually pretty bad and I thought it'd be helpful.
fast forward to present day.
there's one lamp that we've got over in the corner of the living room, literally across the room from where I usually sit on the couch. budd likes to keep the light on, but only at the lowest setting. me, I'm more of a leave-it-off type of person, unless I need light for something (reading) in which case I want it all the way up.
instead of continuing to argue with him about the lighting, I went out and purchased myself a lightwedge.
I feel so behind... everyone I know has either an ipad, a kindle, or a nook. with my current and future (the next 6 months at least) financial situation, about all I can afford is a book light. and to read books I already own. starting now :P
but anyway, on friday I picked up books 2 & 3 of the mortal instruments series, and got the lightwedge as well.
so far I've been pretty pleased with the light, though I'm considering exchanging it since there's a bubble in the surface that is easy to ignore but I find extremely annoying when I do notice it.

so I read the first 3 books of the mortal instruments, as I mentioned. I liked them well enough, seeing as how I've been in a sappy/fantasy/action mood lately. there will be 3 more, and I didn't find out until I'd already read the first one and bought the second and third.
I was anxious when getting close to the end of the third book - I was really worried I'd be stuck with a cliffhanger. and with the fourth book not coming out for another few months I'd have been kinda pissed that I let my sister drag me in to an incomplete series. but no worries! book 3 wraps quite up nicely, with the major story lines wrapping up (albeit a bit too conveniently).

aside from that, nothing's really been going on.
I'm still employed, for now. this month's review hinted at "administrative action" for my high call times, and though I'm still making an effort to improve I'm still about 85 seconds too high.
so I'm giving notice on nov 1. at least I'll be able to go home for thanksgiving.
my sister will be working, and I burned bridges with budd's family last year, since I'd been certain I wouldn't be with him for another holiday season. and I don't want another holiday where I stay home and play WoW while he spends the day over at his parents'.

speaking of family, budd got a new job and won't be able to take any time off for the holidays to go meet mine. I know I shouldn't hold it against him, but it's been a while now and he's never displayed the slightest interest in meeting the people who actually raised me.
I know he couldn't possibly have arranged it, but part of me resents him for being able to legitimately weasel out taking the trip.
I'm always surprised by how selfish I am.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010 :::

good eats :D

so I went to dallas last weekend to watch my brother & his latest band play somewhere, but due to bad weather the event got pushed back so I didn't get to see it.
I did, however, enjoy some pretty tasty food.

milkdud & I went out for some sushi friday evening, and saturday for lunch my brother took us to that brazilian joint again. yum!
for dinner saturday my brother made fajitas (yum again!)... and on sunday morning my sis & I stopped at a jack in the box on our way out of town.

and the fair is in town.

AND budd got me pho for dinner tonight.
seriously good times.

budd went out and purchased a new receiver & speaker system.
he seems pretty stoked about it.
it's all fancy with a mic you plug in and put in different areas of the room so it can optimize the speakers or whatever.

milkdud got me sc2 for my bday, did I mention that?
I've been playing through the campaign on casual, and still failing missions.
and you can't coop the campaign!
the story is pretty engaging, though, and I'd much rather just read the book so I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of playing.

I've also been considering reading the WoW books, but then I'd probably nerdrage when the game went against lore.
perhaps when I [inevitably] get fired. I've been on borrowed time since july... so...

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