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guilty pleasure :">

I don't even know why, and I've never heard any of her other stuff, but I'm pretty fond of bad romance.
but don't tell anyone; I might deny I said that.
plus, at the end, the sparks shooting from her chest, always remind me of penance.
it may be playing now. again.

I've been playing a ton of WoW.
I'm really pleased with the expansion.
I'm eating up archaeology, and had planned on leveling it even before I found out the alchemy mount recipe is an arch drop. they added loads of new mini-pets & mounts, and a lot of really pretty clothes (gear) as well. :)
I've also rolled a worgen priest, but haven't gotten around to playing her. I named her "winafish" at budd's suggestion, since I didn't want to go with "tinafish" because I'm a bit psycho about people knowing my irl name.
budd seems pleased with the expansion as well, which is surprising. he's getting worked up again about switching guilds, but is at least considering applying to other guilds on medivh so he & I can still do some stuff together.
I haven't given any of the new battlegrounds a try yet, and I've only gotten into the very tail-end of a tol barad that we lost. but I'm hopeful that with the new guild achievements I may be able to scrounge a pvp group together some point soon.
pve... hah! I'm still struggling through pug regulars, and refusing to heal anything but guild heroics. budd's chomping to get to raiding but I could stand for another week of 5man heroics. while my gear is about as good as it's gonna get outside of raiding... well, I'm just not as comfy as I think I should be. on the other hand, 5mans are terrible since raid buffs are lacking. /shrug

I'd been planning on going home for christmas, but I don't think I wanna test my immune system just yet (since I just finished getting over the black plague).
and sarah's in town! hopefully we can get together for dinner or something while she's here.
milkdud was in town last week! we got together for dinner and had a pretty good time. I still haven't gotten him a birthday gift. I've given up on knitting. I'm just gonna buy him something.
but yes, I won't be going home for christmas but will be going home instead in early january.
ugh, my lights still aren't working. I need to get that fixed before I go, since with a 12 hour drive I'm either starting or ending in the dark.

and now for another episode of supernatural.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010 :::

bryan adams is my hero

I had a good feeling when summer of '69 came on pandora...
it's here! wooh!

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I just completed a quest called "mortal enemies"

the quest giver is a pirate, and the quest is to kill 15 ninjas.
I lol'ed.

and yes, cataclysm is out today.
I preordered a CE off amazon, and it's not here yet.
I really wanna bitch, but let's be honest here folks - no way am I gonna fight crowds and/or terrible weather to get a copy at a midnight release.
plus, I'm sick. again. did I mention that?
same as before. ugh.
so no fucking way I'd have gone out to get a copy irl. not that it mattered much this year, since the expansion went live at midnight pacific time, unlike previous expansions that went live at midnight server time.

oh well. deliveries here are usually between 15 and 17.
more hurry-up-and-wait for me.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010 :::


ok so more like:
[a week ago] today I learned that my mother puts bell peppers in her stuffing.
I am shocked and amazed that I have been eating this stuff my entire life even though I have such an intense dislike for bell peppers.
I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but I promise... to me... it's earth shattering.

I had a pretty great time while I was home.
I ate SO much.
thanksgiving lunch was great, thanksgiving leftovers were even better.
my sister cammie & I made some cream puffs using that pumpkin flavored pudding I bought.
my mom made those corn-raisin griddle cakes.
we stopped by my favorite sushi joint in the world (kumori) and had the more-fantastic-than-I-remember chihuahua roll.
we went to a huge flea market with little food stands every few booths. I had a roasted corn that comes with mayo standard! and a cup of jicama! and cantaloupe water! and watermelon water! and a spiraled fried potato on a stick (seriously it was heaven)! a cup of assorted fruits - watermelon, cucumber, jicama, cantaloupe... mmm! some dried shrimp. some fried wheat chips...
I also bought some snes games for james (barbie was the only game I could think of that he might not have played, but I did consider his sisters may have owned it - turns out he has played it, lol)
I am hoping to go back down for christmas, unless I get accidently employed.

speaking of christmas, budd gave me my christmas gift last night.
but I'm not allowed to tell you what it is.
I'm pretty stoked, and I think I may get him the same thing.
it'll be just like the year we gifted each other wiis :D

you know how I chopped off my hair a while back?
my sister and I got haircuts yesterday. she also got her hair colored - kind of a reddish brown. it looks pretty good.
we also bought a straightner. I'm planning to try it out here in a while.
currently I'm watching through tons of the stuff I tivo'ed while out of town.
and I'm gonna get back to that now.

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