Tuesday, November 26, 2013 :::

oh it's going swell

so in an effort to save a bit of money this trip, we passed on holiday inn express and instead chose travelodge.  tons of good reviews and loads cheaper.

we make it to spi a bit after 2 am
the bf goes into the lobby to check us in

after about 15 minutes I go in too
there's no one at the front desk

we call the hotel and the phones are ringing and no one answers
now mind you we had planned on leaving lubbock much earlier this morning so I've been up since about 6:30 am.

after another 15 minutes have passed I call the corporate number
chick answers, isn't local and offers to call the hotel
no answer - big surprise
chick tells me the desk person is probably doing something and she'll try back in 15 minutes

15 minutes later the phone has not rung again
I call the corporate number again and this other chick tells me she's not local and suggests I contact the police (WTF?!)
blah blah blah
she calls the front desk too..  and still no answer

suddenly, the front desk dude comes steaming in from somewhere
gave us a story about his grandmother falling and how he had to rush off to assist her
tells us he is gonna give us some extra hours (?) and his face kinda falls when he notices we're booked for the week
he ends our exchange with, "I hate to say this, but is there any chance we can keep this between us?"

now that, gentle reader, is shady as fuck.
mind you at this point we've waited over an hour to get checked in.

I did let him know that I contacted corporate twice since I just wanted to get checked in
he had my entire un-caring attention until he asked to keep it between us.
if his grandmother really did fall, then I'm guessing he should've called his manager before leaving his post (and the front office completely unlocked)
I'm thinking either he had some company over for some playful secrets or he just fell asleep some where
and now that I've been up for ages it's kinda hard to fall asleep myself.

dunno if we'll be talking to a manager in the morning, but this is definitely coming back up next thanksgiving, and I am voting for never staying here again.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013 :::

snow day

I'd been real excited about not having had to fuss too much about my heater being broken
and then
it froze on thursday night

I spent about 40 minutes scraping ice off my truck before going to work
and we only got the front windshield and the driver & passenger windows
I couldn't see out of my back windows or my back windshield… or either of my mirrors.

so fun.

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Thursday, November 07, 2013 :::

not getting pregnant is my super power

so the scab for my implant fell off.
I am full bionic man now.

speaking of huzzah, I was thinking about WoW on my way home from work.
three of my fondest memories:

  • me and old mcrough were jumping off the side of darnassus back when I first started playing.  my ghost got fatigued and we ended up taking rez sickness.

  • when zg first came out, back when it was a full 10man, a group of us from myst just barged in there (the night it was released) without reading any strats.  ohmygodsofun!  lots of wipes, but seriously it was great. plus - revenge:  we farmed the shit out of that place and we all got bears.

  • gosh last arena season maybe?  I dabble in arenas.  I'm really fond of objective based pvp but ugh @ arenas.  but zomg points!  so we'd struggle through a few matches every now and then (I'm not exactly dead weight, but I am pretty close [2v2 as a disc priest & ret pally]) and this one night we drop into a match with two tauren, an arms warrior and a holy pally.  20 minutes later the bf got a lucky string of crits and killed the pally.  another little bit and the warrior too.  I wish I'd taken a screenshot, because the amount of healing he dumped into me tanking that warrior was almost embarrassing!  aaaand a helluva payoff after a 30 minute match ^_^

I really wanna get back into WoW.  it's not the same game anymore, but I don't think that's a bad thing.

like this one time - back when I was unemployed I used to play WoW late at night.
I join this AV at like 4am and it's a turtle and I can't get up north.
I stop in galv's room and some pally followed me in.
she holy shocked him and I started healing her.
she bubbled (dropping aggro) and he turned on me.
we did this retarded juggling of aggro for what seemed like at least 30 minutes and eventually killed him with a combination of reflective shield (I loved that back in the day, for no good reason!),wanding (I don't think shadowfiends had even been introduced yet?), and her melee'ing (remember those seals?)
and that, gentle reader, is why my google talk status is set to "I tank galv!"

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