Wednesday, October 18, 2017 :::


with midterms and the research conference over, I finally manned up and contacted my previous employer about a job.
they responded positively, and I have a meeting with them this afternoon.
it's retarded, since I worked there for over three years, but I am fucking nervous.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017 :::

another one bites the dust

welp, my last student research conference was this weekend.
spoiler alert: I didn't win.

I did have a great weekend, though.
for dinner on thursday our group went to this mediterranean joint called santorini.  great fun.
the rice was amazing!  and also there was some sort of spinach and cheese pastry traingle that was delicious as well.
great fun.

for dinner after the conference the bf and I hit up that sushi joint aqua reef.
it took an hour from the time we received our last appetizer to the time we received our entrees.
I was seriously wanting to just pay our tab and walk out but the bf had his heart set on some raw fish.
so we waited.
I don't wanna say it was necessarily worth waiting an hour, but once the food got there I promptly forgave them for the shitty service.
they also comped us two deserts, a random appetizer our server gave us, and after-dinner tea.
so if we're ever in las cruces again, we'll probably go back.
they made it right in our book.  and if they hadn't offered us free dessert I wouldn't have ordered one, and I'd never have seen this beauty:

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Thursday, October 05, 2017 :::

he's gonna kill me

so not only did I buy tea bags for the house here, I also placed my first order with davidstea.
I was visiting with my advisor earlier today and it came up that I drink a lot of tea and he gave me a tin of green tea.  straight from china (it was a gift to him from one of the other profs but he dislikes green tea).  lucky me!
but uuuuugh I'm still struggling through the celestial herbal tea sampler.  qq.
plus I would def wanna use my fancy kettle for the green tea.
but yeah, I've acquired a bit more tea since I've been here..  the bf is gonna kill me.
I was looking for a review of this tea press when I happened upon another video of "empties" that said that the old caramel almond amaretti by teavana tastes just like forever nuts by davidstea!
ok, I admit she didn't say "the old caramel almond amaretti" but she did mention the beetroot so I am excited!

aaaaand I just remembered I need to get back to working on my program for the src.
not really excited anymore.

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017 :::

so I started another blog

because I know you're interested in the teas I consume:  obligatory tea time

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