Wednesday, January 30, 2008 :::

gloriously gory

so rambo was great fun. I was especially amused that he never managed to lose his shirt. lol
and the big bad main evil guy... not only was he a mass murdering psycho, but he also liked little boys. I thought that was kinda interesting - which is worse? I mean, was murdering entire towns in one sweep not enough to paint him as someone who needs to be stopped? they had to make him a pedophile too?

and yes, gory!
I didn't think it was disgustingly gory (see: planet terror) or anything, but we all know how much I love me some blood&guts!

budd didn't seem very enthusiastic about the movie, but I was pretty pleased. hopefully sometime soon they'll release all 4 as a set and I can grab them (have the first 3 on vhs from years ago).

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008 :::

oh happy day

we're gonna go see the new rambo after I get off work!
I'm so excited :D

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 :::

glorious, glorious

so this weekend was awesome!
almost no WoW in it at all!
on friday we went out with lus, to mcgilligutty's (sp?)... and guess who knows the owner? that's right - lus. I swear he knows everyone in this town.
then we stopped by main event. it was the first time either of us had been, and I think it wasn't what any of us were expecting. it was the wal mart of arcades; incredibly corporate. but, apparently it's the only place to play lazer tag in town. and it uses a game card (much like a credit card) at all the machines so you don't have to lug around a ton of quarters.
on saturday we slept in 'till 1400, and then went to tahoka (a town about 20 miles from here) for lunch (dinner?) at this place called dixie dog. apparently a "dixie dog" is much like a hot dog on a stick. a corn dog but with flour. it tastes pretty bad with ketchup, but was great with mustard. after that we went back home and got lus to watch that kathleen madigan show. and we also watched bits of this show called top gear. I have almost no interest in fast, flashy cars, but this show is great! it really is, and it surprised me that I liked it so much.
saturday evening my WoW account was restored, and saturday night my ban was lifted. so sunday we played WoW. killed another progression boss (leo, if anyone cares). I didn't get any of my potions/elixirs/flasks back, and hardly any of my flowers or ore or enchanting mats. so I've been flying around picking flowers.
they didn't take away any of the gold or those bop items my hunter had, and they gave her some extra gold to cover for not giving me her ore back... so while she went into this with ~ 350g she came out of it with a little over 1100g.
between finally having enough gold and the horrid need for me to replenish my herb supply, budd and I bought our epic flyers yesterday. I've got a screenshot at home, but I forgot to upload it. and I doubt anyone really cares but me.
saturday is irby's birthday. I'm hoping to take him to see the new rambo on friday night. in preparation for that I've been watching the old rambos. only one and two so far, but I'm hoping to get the third one in sometime this week. I only have them on vhs, so I can't bring 'em to work and watch them :(

and possibly the funniest thing I've heard all week -
it snowed last night/this morning. only a tiny bit, but still it's fuck all cold out.
parrot boy: it's not cold
field tech: inside!
parrot boy: that's where I work!

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Saturday, January 19, 2008 :::


so I'm getting a shitload of my stuff back, but I'm getting kinda shafted on some things.
still, it's a load better than nothing, and it looks like the stuff I was most concerned about (read: my gear) is getting restored.
I still can't log into my account because of the ban, but I'm hopeful that my enchants were able to get restored as well.
and oh shit - I just noticed that there's no mention of my guild bank is this list of what they restored.
ugh. guess that serves me right, but still =/
oh well. guess I'll know for sure how it's all going when I'm able to log in.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008 :::

owned in the face

This is a notification regarding the World of Warcraft account MYACCOUNTNAME. Access to this account has been temporarily disabled for exploitation of the World of Warcraft economy or for being associated to accounts which have been closed for intended exploitation. Based on a review of the information presented, this World of Warcraft account has been given a final warning and a 72 hour account suspension, in addition to any previous warnings issued. Until the suspension has been lifted, the account will not be accessible. Please note that Blizzard Entertainment will be unable to provide further information regarding the specific time an account will become accessible again.

on the one hand, wtf.
and on the other hand... lol!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008 :::

I am so fucking awesome

remember, about a year ago, when my wow account got "compromised"?
well, it's happened again.
about 0630 this morning budd woke me asking if I'd given out my login info.

almost all my priest's pve gear, including my recently-acquired staff, is gone. all her gold (I finally had enough for an epic flying *cry*) and almost all her bank items. thank gawd you can't vendor pvp gear, or she'd be naked.
my mage had all her gold and her items (banks included this time) taken, but didn't lose any gear. and according the the guild bank logs, she took all that gold, too.
my rogue had most items in her bank taken (loads of leather, but they left all her uncured hide) and bags taken. and gold, of course... but her gear also seems to be intact. and weird - they left her four of portals, though now that I look it up it doesn't seem to be worth much.
my lowbie hunter only had her gold taken. all her gear and items are still there.
my druid's bank is intact, as well as her gear. all that's gone is her gold.
my warlock was completely left alone. I didn't think to check guild to see how long it's been since she was logged in. just checked that - looks like they didn't bother with anyone under 20.
and lol @ my hunter. I just logged into her... did I mention that when budd noticed she was logged in this morning (while I was still curled up in bed) she was in dire maul (a lvl 55-60 dungeon)? it would seem they were using her to farm things. while she has substantially less gold than what I left her with (250g down from 385g), she's also got a shitload (read: 25+) of bind on pickup items (plus several boe) that will vendor for between ~2g and 6g each. and omg they respec'ed her! from beast mastery to marksman! I'm so amused by that. her gear's intact, but her items are cleaned out. according to the guild log she's the one who took out all the items... and I'm assuming "her" gold's gone too, and what she's got is what they made while farming.
my paladin... most of her bank is in place, aside from some higher level leatherworking items she was carrying because I lack storage space. her bags are almost empty and her gold's gone.
my shaman's untouched. remind me to start keeping all my gold and restrict guild bank access to someone who's < level 20. =/
they deleted my level 1 gnome warrior! those bastards! in his place is a level 1 human female, also a warrior. he had maybe 10g on him, and a shitload of silk.

so yes. those are my characters. and what they're missing.
all in all over 7000 gold and who knows how much all my items and gear were worth.
guess we'll see what blizzard decides to do for me (since this is my second strike).

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Sunday, January 13, 2008 :::

so holy shit, if I may.

I'm so stoked, you don't even know ^_^
my only regret is that we may be sticking with dkp... and that's still more of a commitment than I want.
but for now, I'm quite giddy. all I've wanted for months is a new main hand and a new chest. got the mainhand down. now if I ever can get a new dress (preferably one that matches my shoulders) I'll be set for life.
...or at least until the next expansion :P

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008 :::

sometimes I do love myspace.

one of the guys I used to go to church with, whom I haven't seen in about 10 years, found me on myspace.
I'm always so amased to see that we're all grown up. he's been married for 5 years. MARRIED. I still remember visiting the shrine in san juan with him.
and I was in his older sister's quinceaƱera! where we were dressed like jasmine from aladdin and the macarena was our dance!
oh it was a great time.
and it's so good to hear from him! I love talking to people I grew up with. I get so eager to hear how everyone back home is doing, and so envious that they're all still in touch.
I should work on that, huh.

I ordered stardust and the princess bride from amazon.
I'm loving both of them, though the latter makes me miss adrian.
oh and I almost forgot. if you ever get the chance to watch... hm... Kathleen Madigan: In Other Words, you should watch it. budd and I both thought it was hilarious, which is surprising since we don't really have the same sense of humor.
and since I've been watching stardust for the last half hour I'm gonna post this and get back to the movie ^_^

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Thursday, January 03, 2008 :::

the real reason I said "wooooh"

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008 :::

like the sweet song of the choir

I've been horrible about updating, I know.
the photos of nerys are here: nerys
she's gorgeous and wonderful and we love her

my neice and nephew are in town.
we went bowling yesterday afternoon and I broke a nail.
at least I beat budd, though.

and also!
my sis and I are trading some furniture... I'm getting a loveseat and she's getting my fridge.
I'm pretty excited, because this means we can finally get rid of budd's futon.
yay for grown-up seating in our apartment!

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